minutes 3/21/2012

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minutes 3/21/2012
Facilitator Itzhak
Minutes John
Peter Lener
Naomi will create a twitter account
Cathrine will create a facebook page
We discussed article III investigations
John will post to NYC OWS forum about Cobb meeting

2 Responses to “minutes 3/21/2012”

  1. Auntie Greed

    This is the point at which the tires meet the road!! If human rights are given to legal
    entities, like unions, corporations, political action committees, etc, then those
    human rights are being alienated from the people, when they are supposed to be
    unalienable rights. In contrast to that, we have a freedom of association too! How can
    freedom of association remain untrampled if we limit the legal entities that are
    created by individuals who come together for common causes?? I am ready to learn!!

    ALl my best,
    Auntie Greed