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OWS Food Justice Meeting 3/16/2012

Facilitator: SW

Minutes: CL


  • Left Forum deal for occupiers– Say you’re on “Suzanne Sutton’s List” to pay as you wish
  • Via Campesina meeting – same time as the Disrupt Dirty Power event.  Outreach materials on their way.
  • Seed Celebration at Old Stone House in Park Slope, April 21
    • Documentary called Open Sesame about Seed Sovereignty
  • CIW/CFA Victory Party – Celebrate with Community Farmworker Alliance
    • The Brooklyn Commons on the 31st of March
    • Special event for Allies at 8pm
    • Dance group, then a DJ, tamales
  • Sustainability is doing a week of workshops in liberty square for COOLS, they are asking OWS FJ to do a workshop.  The 25th to the 1st
    • 12-2 is the official timeframe of the COOLS programming but it doesn’t need to be during that time
    • could be an into to food justice
    • If you have a time or day you’d like to do something, email sustainability to let them know.
    • Can we table? Yes. We can do whatever we want. We can bring a table or put something on a table.


Who are we and what we should be doing?

  • We should have a separate meeting about this to have a focused conversation with any members
  • Then we could create a wiki page
  • A doodle page to find out the time?
  • Maybe we should do it an hour before the meeting?
    • Concern: a lot of folks can’t make it on Fridays
    • Meeting times is another issue that we need to discuss
  • Will a doodle work?
    • A lot of folks don’t respond.
    • It will require a lot of badgering.
  • They should be different doodles for meeting times and the visioning meeting
    • IR will send out the doodle for the meting time tonight, folks will have until Thursday
    • OC will send out the doodle for the visioning meeting
  • What will be the deadline for us to decide the next meeting date?
  • IR will have Wednesday night as the deadline for the doodle.  IR will have the new meeting time by Friday
  • OC will send out the doodle for the visioning meeting tonight and the deadline will be on Monday
  • SW is leaving the 25th! :(


Media Training

  • Two parts of the proposal
    • Do we want to do the training next week during the meeting?
    • Do we want to do the 65 minutes? Or truncated version?
  • Should it be split?
  • Do we want to do this next in conjunction with the visioning meeting?
    • Might be a bit too much
  • The media training shouldn’t be split up
  • In April there will be a lot of events, next Saturday is the Via Campesina meeting
  • We can shoot for next Friday.  Do we want it to be at the beginning or the end?
  • Perhaps we could start with announcements, then do the training, then go on with the rest of the meeting
    • Consensus!



  • There is starting to be more non-food justice related stuff on the listserve
  • There were people on the google group that we never met
  • Should we figure out who is who?
  • Perhaps there should be a vetting process, where people have to say who they are before they join
    • Is there a way we can do that with the NYCGA website?
  • The google group has more sensitive information than NYCGA
  • CL will look into setting up the security for the Google group and NYCGA groups.
  • What about the specificity of the thread.
  • OS can send out an email.


NYCCGC (NYC Community Gardens Coalition)

  • Meeting on Sunday for first weekend in June
  • An un-conference to do events in as many community gardens and vacant lots as possible.  To get interactions in these spaces, to galvanize the food movement.  To bring in transport, ag workers, food workers.
  • They’ll be doing a lot of outreach
  • They’ll be having another meeting on the 25th if you’re interested in going, SW will be forwarding info.
  • They are open to as much involvement as possible.


Anonymous Op Seed Bomb, March 31st and the 1st

  • We should do something?
  • Would we be going?
  • We could carry this into May 1st actions as well
  • Hudson Valley Seed Library does seed sculptures, to get away from Seed Bombing’s violent connotations


Label it Yourself

  • Seems to be catching on a little bit, growing quickly on Facebook
  • We’ve bee preparing a press release, seems a bit anemic.  Doesn’t seem to pack a punch.
  • New deadline to get it out is Monday.  Make edits, additions over the weekend.
  • Specifics would be helpful (x number of labels, x number of people)
  • Would it be good to have direct quotes from a scientist or something?
    • Maybe that’s not our role, maybe we should go from a human interest side
  • Once we’re ready with the press release, we can send it out and get a ground swell
  • We need to film the stickering!
    • Where could we do it? Whole Foods? Trader Joe’s?
  • Website Security – we think its pretty good, it can take a fair amount of traffic, but we should get someone to go in and beef up the security
    • Bulletproof security is a good plugin
  • We need to fix the twitter, the #LIY is used for something else
  • CL will talk with Occuprint dude at Left Forum about Label it Yourself
  • We should try to do as much labeling as possible
  • WE need to get other people to tweet about it, and get places to put links to label it yourself in their sidebars
  • WE should get the video retweeted by @occupywallstNYC and @anoncorpwatch
  • Also, WBAI has community announcements
  • We could do commercials with text, or incorporating the Obama clip about labeling (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqaaB6NE1TI)
  • We can work on making Infographics
  • Also, a story of stuff or RSA style video


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