Minutes 3-12-12

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In Attendance: Raven, Shadow, Tim, John, Chris B

Tim Played Gutair for tips and at bar, Shadow did his Hemp art
Raven canvased and did outreach w/ local buisnesses to try and work on funding fund hub and ows

Agenda ~ Cools occupy the park try to raise funds
Wensday ~Marr1% Action Against Mitt Romney Fundraiser

  • Wed. Mar 14 – 11:00 AM
  • Waldorf Astoria Hotel

    Idea.. Blue Stocking metro/ows/fundhub benifit ~ tabled.. tim will spearhead…

    Metro… SINCE NYCGA and Spokes cutting metro funds in half for Bike cuacus we only have 2-3 metro…
    Yuri and lauren should get them as none else really was at meeting to claim one and had no valid reson to get one.. Yuri and Lauren Bust there asses and deserve… if a 3rd is offered it may be needed by shadow *if he donsn’t get one from fider arts* if not shadow then raven *if he dosn’t get one via black knights*

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