Minutes 2/7/12

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In attendance:
Jon, Lionelle, Alice, Marty, Lenny, David, Marco, Michael, Linda, Ruth, Deborah
1. Feb 4-500 people, 100 Iranian students, (green?),OWS, various peace groups Deborah-good first step what’s next. Jon made 24 signs alone.  Next time: will publish possible slogans online for people
to bring their own signs.
2. Occupy AIPAC in DC, March 2-6. Jon will email re Wash DC demo
3.Feb 4-Cong. Rangel session on medicare-Lionelle went, good reaction to question, “How long
will these wars and defense dept. take our tax dollars and lead to strangling human health care and
resources?” Cong. Rangel said these wars are at places we can’t even pronounce the names of.  Later another woman made a much better speech on fighting for health care.
4.  NDAA flyer shown, to put on info table-Jon said a logo is missing will refer to graphic arts
5.  Chambers St. recruiting-Deb. Feb 15-brought draft press release and flyer. Will be Iraq vets there
to talk to possible kids.  Jon will take to GA. Marty said recruiters should not be permitted on campus.
Deborah said they were not on campus, but there are a lot of people passing by in the neighborhood. L said
the flyer was not giving reason why people should be against the war, only good if you are pacifist already
4.  Valentine’s Day vigil next tuesday a possibility-would start at 5 pm before mtg. Jon will inquire and advise.
5. Lenny-Vladimir article. Netanyahu is son of his secretary. Zionist revisionist movement. 1923-read it to understand Iron law-colonial days. Lenny will email article. Somebody said challenge Zionists to internet debate
6. Next meeting perhaps endorse occupy AIPAC and bring to GA
7. Occupy Ground Zero-been approached by people who say GZ has been used for militarism. Some want to
use it for peace. Suggest demo there. Michael said be clear on message. Reclaim? or Claim for what.
Jon-change from militarism to peace.
8. NY-Moscow Anti Nuke-people confused.  How many people in Moscow anyway? 20? now 40.
Alice has been working on this since 1980. Michael-make sureto raise issues with people and they really understand don’t try to just pass it; result will not be good.Marco-take to other groups. Lenny-talking to
choir. Lionelle, widen umbrella. Agreed to do education and outreach to other Working Groups and Jonathan will take it back to GA on February 28th. Alice said someone said the US cannot live without its nukes.
Announcements: MFSO party-benefit on Feb. 19, 3-6 pm.
UFPJ conference in Phil 25-26, $35-New future for antiwar movement regroup, social justice movement. What is the Vision?
UNAC conf-Marty will rep this group.  Will make clear that OWS antiwar committee has wide range political opinions -coalition.

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