minutes: 2/28/12

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in attendance: Christina,  Brett, David,  Corey,  Daniel, Melanie,  Jean,  Lisa, Marisa , Ezra,eamon, Harper, ralph, isaac


  • reportbacks from sc 2/27/12 by Melanie.
  • picking facilitation for the week

 daniel Tues

corey Thurs

brett sat

Brett will send out email for Wed


  • David getting feedback about his proposal to improve ga

 some concern about making it too structured

Brett & Sully are working on a project to address this,  people are going to sign on to help


  • facilitation trainings revamp

 carriculum  is there,  but still being worked on.

if you people are interested, contact Marisa


  • f29 is a day of action at Bryant park


direct democracy training will be done by Brett, Nathan, jason, Christina


  • how to make a complete facilitation team , working together, and communication

 knowing the team before the assembly

express what you’re feeling before the assembly with your team

make sure to check in with your team throughout the assembly

have a chart of all hand signals and proposals written down each night

empower the whole team to help make decisions

being cooperative from the start and not letting new facilitators run the show solely


  • announcements


6:30-9pm grievance counsel meeting at Quaker house

power and resources mtg followup on Friday 6-10pm, unity hall




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