Minutes 2/28/12

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Present: Alice, Marco, Lionelle, Dave, Barbara, Jonathan, Barbara

Proposal: From Sustainability working group for a teach-in March 31st or April 1st on nuclear energy. Idea is to get a joint proposal on nuclear technology.

Afghanistan: Troops are getting killed in the most secure zones. It’s a good time to press our point of view. Occupy Senator’s offices (Gillibrand & Schumer)

Iran Antiwar March (Wespac)
March 1st, Thursday, 5PM, Council on foreign relations. Endorsed by OWS Antiwar.

Ground Zero Peace Vigil March 20: Jonathan will bottom-line this.

UFPJ: 2-day meeting in Philadelphia. New working groups on drones, Iran, disarmament, legislation. Go to unitedforpeace.org for minutes.

Fukushima 1-year anniversary: Sunday, March 11th, Union Square, 1-5PM
March 8, peace marches coming to Zuccotti @ 8:30AM.

Purpose of OWS Antiwar (discussion):
David: This has been more of a clearinghouse, sharing info. Antiwar is an important part of Occupy. Should we call our own actions? Should we be more like direct action?

Alice: UFPJ is taking on military contractors. We also should take on energy, oil & nuclear. Trying to make the language fit with OWS.

Ruth: We turned into a coalition. Should we just go in parallel with other working groups, or go into other groups. We should do more outreach. We still can’t get people out for demos. I wish I can hand out flyers connecting housing with war.

Barbara: That’s a good connection to war.

Lionelle: We’re provincial. It’s important to think of the future.

Marco: Occupy is about capitalism, war is a product of this.

Baraba: We have to talk about oil and what happened in Iraq.

Alice: I want to know how we can do outreach to the rest of Occupy Wall St.

-Cutting military budget

-How can we be effective in getting our message out:
*Visit other groups: housing, banks, etc. the connections are there.
*Systemic understanding.
*Go to spokescouncil – people give reports from each group
*bring antiwar-component to Occupy
**May 1 – component in that
**Occupy DOE – with our fact sheet
*We have flyers with our info how to join our working group.
*Alice, David, Ruth – draft flyer
**economic system + war, system can survive because of fear + war. Staying in crisis.
*WRL pie chart. Put OWS Antiwar on local contact sheet + contact info.
*Use National Priorities – Bay Ridge Peace Action

Logo: Design team is on hold
-Knotted gun, upside-down tank, baby or war vs. peace image, peace feeling, fist + solidarity OK
-99% with peace signs

Film Committee: make a film about what we’re doing

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