Minutes 2/21/12

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Present: Jon, Vicki, Lionelle, Marco, David, Ruth, Lex, Joan, Alice, John, Martin, Lenny
Agenda: Report backs:
a. 2/15 recruiting
b. NY Moscow
c. Ground Zero demo
d. Bring Troops Home Resolution
e. Solidarity with Greeks 2/18
f. Iran
Coming Events:  3/8 Nuke-Fukushima Day 8 am sustainability-buddhist monks
Occupy Rock Center (Joan)
2/29 , 3/11, 2/26
a. We met at BMCC. (about 30 people) 2 recruiting stations were closed. 1)Marine Recruiting:
Everyone tried to enter, they only let 10 in. Elaine spoke and challenged recruiter to debate. They
refused to debate, she said anytime you want to we are available. 2) Navy-Mathis spoke
The others were closed.  $2 donation for signs.
b. NY-Moscow-very convoluted discussion because Moscow had changed and re
fused to agree on nuclear power. Alice said something about power as in Iran,
linked weapons to enriched uranium. Occupy Queens approved original
document; frustrating as document was supposed to be presented on 2/28.
Discussion whether it should include provision on nuclear power as opposed to just nukes.
Consensus was not reached.  Suggestion to bring others to meeting.  Suggestion to make
two declarations, one with nuclear weapons, one with nuclear power.  Others said why not
submit it to other countries after passing at OWS? lex-O Wall St. only has 20 people, should
not become a holy cow.  David-some european countries and others feel nuclear power contributes
to lowering of carbon emissions. Marco-agree with proposal but the more issues the harder to
pass. Alice-nuclear power and weapons are not separate-corporate plot.
We then voted on various combinations but could not reach consensus.
It will be brought back after subcommittee discusses.
c. Ground Zero-L will write press release and leaflet draft-Jon will forward draft to list for
revisions and suggestions.
d. Bring the Troops Home Resolution for GA-some draft material was given to
 Jon. Will be looked at by him.
e. Solidarity with Greek protest held-200 mostly Greek people in Zucotti Park. Rally no march
f. Consensus on AIPAC by Code Pink-support.
Vicki suggested having a sister or brother demo in NYC at the same time March 2-6.  Then
she said it did not have to be at the same time.
Then Jon left.
Iran- Martin got very upset, and said we have to do something immediately.  L suggested he make
a list of coalition groups, and call and ask if they would participate. Martin gave out some position papers.  He said he made 1,000 button’s.  Since they had Israeli Prime Minister’s name Vicki said she would not we
wear it. Vicki said she was afraid they would manufacture incident to start war. Marco said there was a
consensus process to go to Assembly. He will talk to Martin. Suggested a teach in with no vote.
Marty said the window of time is closing.

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