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February 14, 2012
Antiwar Meeting Minutes

Facilitator: Barbara
Note-taker: Jonathan
Timekeeper: Marco

Introductions: David, John, Marco, Alice, Joan, Barbara, Lenni, Jonathan, Lionel, Martin, Dave, Marty

Report Backs:

Lionel: Meeting last night (Feb 13) with peace action on Kirsten Gillibrand (New York State Senator). Will pick a Thursday afternoon at 4pm to show up.
Lenni: What do you expect her to do?
Lionel: I’ve done lobbying in Washington. She’s been more responsive than Schumer. Also, interviews done with soldiers show breakdown of military occupation, this is not in the media. There’s a Bill HR-780 to get the military out of Afghanistan.
Lenni: Put a petition calling support for the bill. Petitions have made the papers.
Barbara: Resolution on OWS website to bring the troops home.
(Jonathan will follow up on this)
Lenni: See if there is a petition committee from OWS.
Martin: Is there aything pending that we can support?
Barbara: This is the one.
Lionel: It provides just enough money to get the troops out.

NY-Moscow Declaration on nuclear abolition and disarmament
Alice: I spoke to Moscow, they want nuclear energy out of the statement. I spoke to the humanists. I spoke to Isabelle (Occupy Moscow), Tony (Spain). I would block it if we leave out nuclear energy. There’s a whole movement linking nukes and nuclear energy. I was shocked to hear that Queens approved a statement without nuclear energy.
Dave: We approved it in Queens, it took 3 meetings.
John Borroughs: I support the nuclear energy part. More important is to get a statement between New York and Moscow.
Alice: Other OWS working groups liked it (Environmentalist Solidarity).
Dave: The proposal came from Moscow without nuclear energy.

Barbara: Do we still want to bring it to the GA?
WG: Resolves to continue to educate OWS and bring to the GA on Feb 28. (Possible conflict with #F28 A Call to Mass Action Agains the Suppression of the Occupy Movement.)


Ground Zero Peace Vigil (March 20, 2012)
Lenni: I sent out a statement on 9/11, you have to connect it to the U.S. bringing fundamentalists to Afghanistan from Saudi Arabia. 9/11 is blowback. You can’t explain 9/11 to Americans without dealing with this.
Alice:  It’s the social action network of the Community Church at 35th St, between Park and Lex. Aves. that vigils every Wednesday.
WG: Resolves to endorse March 20 Ground Zero Peace Vigil.

Upcoming Actions:

#F15: Occupy Military Recruiters – Feb 15
Barbara: Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) 199 Chambers St. hands off our youth. Why we want to offer other options to kids. Then we’ll do mic checks in recruitment centers. We’ll hand out info on the real costs of war. 11:45AM. Important issue. If more enlist, war continues. They target community college students.
Lionel: Vets for Peace has 25+ years experience in counter-recruitment. Looking for lecturers.

CANG8 – Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty Agenda – Saturday, May 19th
Marty: One of the conferences might be postponed.

Solidarity with Greek protests – Saturday Feb 18

Meetings & Announcements:

UNAC Conference – March 23-25 – Stamford Hilton Hotel, CT
Marty: Contact me for more flyers.
Alice: Can you post this to the group list?
(Jonathan will find the PDF and forward to the list)

Left Forum – Pace University, March 16-18
Dave: Tabling costs money.
Barbara: We share tables with other groups.

Global Justice Group
Dave: Coordinate with global justice group. They do solid work. We should do a joint action.

Martin: We need to do more. Newspapers are screaming for war with Iran. Israel is feeding the same info as they did with Iraq.
Lionel: National call tonight (Feb 14) on Iran. Divestment worked for South African Apartheid.
Lenni: We need a website on Iran for OWS. We’ll have lots of facts on issues that everyone agrees on, and debates for Israel.

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