Minutes 2011-11-14

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People Present: Charlie, Dave, Daniel, Drew, Evan, J.P., Julian, Kelly, Moses, Richard, Ronny, Suzie

Groups in Kansas & Georgia as well as California are establishing buses/transportation initiatives.  Philadelphia has a bus with an initiative to convert to vegetable oil for fuel.

Reportback from Philly trip

Have any OWS working groups responded to survey?

– JP will bottom-line emailing the survey to the working groups’ contact list

– Drew will follow-up if necessary once established emails for nycga.net

Organization Working Group is working on liaison systems for all different working groups



Trenton, NJ as the pilot program for November 21st.



Washington D.C.

Outreach to local colleges to hold a special general assembly

Re-read proposal for GA to group

Ronny from outreach will help to facilitate outreach to other occupations.

Decided to visit 50 Wall St. post meeting to view office space and familiarize ourselves with office space flow.

Mediation and resolution with homeless population seems to be an emerging issue with some occupations (Philly, Scranton, PA.)

Suzie – New York Film Academy; free next week; can come for 10 days; working on school project; will need a camera-person in addition to herself

Dave – Occupied WallStreet Journal; committed for whole trip

Richard – can go to Orlando (3rd largest occupation east of the Mississippi); not traveling with us but can act as point of contact in Orlando, Fla

Drew – NYCGA site since August; involved with tech, inet, in for the trip 100%

JP – has gone for facilitation training and attended some meetings; attended non-violent communication training; has been involved in organization of Mobile Occupation working group – set up website; posting info to NYCGA; outreach to other occupations; involved with consciousness working group initially at OWS – creation of altar space & group meditations

Ronny – FullTime occupier; working with Outreach; working w/ occupy New Haven, not sure about going on trip (may be involved with Egypt)

Julian – outreach, education & empowerment; not sure about going

Moses – Direct Action, Info, Non-violent Direct Action training; interested in info-exchange with Direct Action @ other occupations

Charlie – involvement with greenbus; drives the bus; has been involved in organization of Mobile Occupation working group – set up website; posting info to NYCGA; outreach to other occupations; involved with consciousness working group initially at OWS – creation of altar space & group meditations

Kelly – sustainability; town planning; may want to join post-Florida if possible

Expressed concern re: 2 people not currently involved w/ OWS media being part of trip to Suzie

Occupy Brooklyn GA is fairly dysfunctional…might be a good area to explore & practice facilitation (Brooklyn has 7 separate General Assemblies)

Occupy Harlem (West, North, possibly more soon) – some separation due to personalities and possibly not only logistics.

JP shared contact info w/ Ronny (outreach) for Occupy Philly’s outreach Working Group

Projected Ideas:

Community Alliance – non-violent communication & de-escalation

– how to deal w/ occupational issues

Safer Spaces – Olivia – 516-2332-6911


Tech – sharing opensource resources – wiki, NYCGA…

Facilitation – consensus, GA, spokescouncil operations


Outreach – currently working on toolkits on how to outreach & build-up communities within towns

Press – Dave can use media contacts in other cities

?Screen Printing Guild? – ?t-shirts for tour?

Consciousness – altar space

Sustainability – at the heart of the tour; Kelly will outreach @ meeting today @ 5 re: sustainability initiatives

First Aid Kit for bus – lavender – burns, skin

– cayenne – hemostatic; heart attacks

– aloe – burns

– turmeric – cuts, abrasions, hemostatic

– baking soda

– vinegar

Pete from Legal Working Group addressed our proposal

Liability – accidents w/ bus & individuals

– suggests reaching out to Wylie for legal support

– establishment as a SCORP or L.L.C. for legal liability

– would provide a firewall

Zephyr (from Legal Working Group) said concerns would be addressed as an affinity group

– establish articles of association

– bonded & insured

bus can work in tandem w/ OWS pro-bono (NOT for-hire) but needs to be written agreement

separate agreement w/ GreenBus Tour & OWS

Pete reiterated affinity groups are best option, legally

reviewed budget for legal issues

– propane vs. electric for cooking

Moved to 50 Wall St. office space and resumed meeting…

reviewed logistics and route-planning for cities and their establishments of occupations…

document with route has been uploaded to the NYCGA site

draft for printing will be sent to printing tonight for tomorrow’s GA


Trip to Trenton for Monday November 21st

– special GA in Trenton, NJ

– Day of Action is November 21st

– Proposal to GA

– flyer/FB Event

Press – ask for Press Release after specifics of proposal has been approved


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