Minutes 2011-11-09

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OccupyWithin Tour – Minutes –  2011/09/09

Action Items:

Registration of OccupyWithin as a Movement Group (signifies that the group needs to pass proposals/budgets eventually through the GA)
– Align with the Movement Building working (will eventually go through the Operations Spokes Coucil for its proposals and budgets)

Concern: Are 15 people two many for the bus?

Possibly: 10 core people on the tour/ 5 Flexible while moving through the 10 occupy locations on tour…
Determine what the roles and responsibilities of the 10 core crewmembers are

Survey for the working groups at NYC Occupy

Survey for other occupy groups on the east coast

Send budget to Finance

Prepare the bus for the trip (clean up, tune up, or repairs)

Draft Proposal

Web Updates – *All docs will be posted on NYCGA.net/Googledocs/Occupywithin.us

Working group drafted and came to consensus on current working version of Working Group survey

Working group drafted and came to consensus on current working version of Other Occupy groups

Both surverys have been sent to Movement Building for feedbackPossibly send out working group survey at Wed Nov 9th spokes council meeting, collect contact information from each working group member that received a survey in order to follow up – Possibly due by Weds Nov 16th 7:00  pm

Distribution of surveys via Weebly (online survey platform/engine)

*Draft Proposal Document sent to Facilitation to get feedback in the coming week, hope to present on Tuesday Nov 15th GA

*Budget is sent to Finance

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