Minutes 2011-11-07

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Jose – video presentation for facilitation training is being edited.

Alex – veggie sustainable bus crew arriving today, Sustainable Road Show. Meeting at 5 in the atrium.

Reviewed Charter to be proposed to Spokescouncil-meeting tonight at 7 location TBA.

Reviewed draft proposal handout for GA.

-need to construct survey to more easily compile info from working groups with contact info, what working group they are with, and which practices have worked best.

-need to compile list of other mobile occupation caravans for coordination/information flow.-Alex from arts&culture/medic offered to do this today

Discussed importance of not traveling with a ‘saviour’ mentality- we have as much to learn from other occupations as we have skills to share.

Sarah will attend nonviolent communication training tomorrow at 12.

Arts and culture meeting happens daily in the atrium at 6pm-once we hear back on a venue we can better form a proposal for the benefit.

Reviewed budget

Filled out the group registration form as a group.

Responding to the expressed needs of Occupations nationally, including those at Wall Street for inter-occupation communication.

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