Minutes 2011-11-02

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List of ideas for the tour & associated working groups (to brainstorm ideas):
– education & empowerment: develop 2-day curriculum to share with each city
– facilitation: bring training to other cities
– internet: establish GA website in each city
– outreach: reach out to national groups we are connected to and invite their local groups to participate in each city
– consciousness: establish community altars in other cities
– media: develop people’s media & livestream in other cities; share training videos (maybe compile a dvd)
– town planning/sustainability/open source: develop open source network & share best practices for moving toward transition

towns / sustainable communities
– food: connect community gardens & local farms with occupations
– arts & culture: create collaborative art at each city; quilt patches from each city; silk screen shirts in each city

consensus on group involvement – if you are planning to be on the tour:
– let us know if you cannot make a meeting
– attend 2 of the meetings each week (if not all 3)
– submit letter of intention
– read the minutes

establishing a working group and having a presence on the nycga site:
– want to continue to increase awareness, transparency and involvement in our group…need to get on nycga site…
– since every group is going to have to be re-born through the new spokes council on friday let’s present ourselves then

http://occupywithin.us – proposed web updates
– news page for tour updates & announcements
– map (& schedule as it develops)
– media page (for images & videos)
– resources…add wish list of needs & wants, occupy wiki

alternative funding (other than thru GA)
– kickstarter; wepay; merchandise
– need to establish account for funds to go into…can we get help from finance on best practices for this?

merchandise for online fundraising (kickstarter campaign) & in-person fundraising:
– t-shirts (“liberty by peace”, bring OWS silkscreen)
– buttons (have button maker, need materials)
– occupied wall street journal
– green bus cd
– “hug-a-planet” plush earth ball?
– posters?
– occupy training dvd (if this is being compiled)
– occupy handbook (can be compiled from reports we collect from each working group)

– Saturday 11/19
– vision: 3 or 4 rooms (hip hop room, temple room, live music/electronica room); creative stations for collaborative art;

tables for different causes (water/fracking, etc); donate station with laptops (for kickstarter)
– Need venue, working on list of possible venues…
– Reach out to event producers we know
– people who may be able to help: Russell Simmons, Daniel Pinchbeck, Sharon Gannon, Jared’s contacts, Dallas, Will, Brett,

– Kelly already had created a Benefit Concert Committee…let’s revive it
– coordinate volunteers
– fb event
– press release

bus work (meeting 11/3 from 10 to 2 at 75 frost st in williamsburg to discuss & envision)
– curtains, carpet, veggie oil tank plug, rear heater, storage under bus

things to look into bringing on tour:
– mobile wifi (options?), universal power charger, memory card reader
– deep cycle batteries

structure developing for moving forward:
– on the bus crew
– on the ground team

Proposed structure for next meeting (Friday) – have break-out groups for:
– presenting our group to spokes council
– draft script for video
– finance/budget
– draft proposal
– kickstarter
– merchandise
– bus preparation
– tour launch event coordination
– contacting working groups
– contacting other citites
– contacting organizations
– curriculum

folks interested in helping with proposal:
– anthony f
– kelly h
– anna c
– jp
– jesse m

Action items:
minutes – Charlie
create fb event for bus working day & next meeting – Amanda & JP
compile submitted letters of intention to join the tour – Charlie
talk with finance – Charlie & JP
start outreach to build event producers network for benefit(s) – Kelly & Charlie
continue to reach out to working groups to build solidarity for the initiative and develop ideas/receive feedback – everyone

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