Minutes 2011-10-31

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Recap – Statement & info is posted on occupywithin.us; announcement to be made at GA; meet MWF @ 11 (60wall)

Proposal – will build off of our statement; need to research other proposals, reach out to finance & facilitation, anyone that should be involved in crafting it

Budget – when does finance meet? who can we talk with to create budget and proposal?

Video – Mike from media edited a video of our interviews from last week, needs to be re-worked. Let’s write a script on Wednesday based off our statement then film us each saying it and edit together

Fundraiser/Tour Launch Event – need help from event producers, support from working groups, art & culture
maybe on saturday 11/12
reach out for collaboration
build invitation list
location? – maybe Jivamukti (ideas?)
who/what? – hip hop room (russell simmons?), temple room (consciousness group; batoy.org; artistashram.com), live

music/electronica room; creativity stations (collaborative art)
things to work out: sound, food, bar, deco/lighting, projections, donation stations, altar space, media/livestream, healing space?, tribal market?, flyers/promo, press

Work on bus to prepare
interior design, weather/insulation: magnets & room dividers, curtains, carpets, silicone seams in roof (couple small drips), hammocks, replace weatherstrip on bottom of door
parking brake belt – needs to either be tightened or replaced
veggie oil system: drain plug in veggie oil tank needs a new stopper, order filter bags & gasket, build storage shelf under bus for carrying additional oil jugs

design everything to be modules that can be stored & pulled out to set up (kitchen module, art module, comfort, etc)

– keeping it flexible, timing is everything, want to be most effective
– leave around 11/15
– tour down east coast for one month
– last time we listed the many cities, we should survey them to see what is most effective. maybe visit the larger cities and invite the smaller cities to come, or send folks out from the larger cities to train the smaller cities in facilitation etc
– if there is a lot of interest, build up a caravan of vehicles (and maybe bicycles)

Survey for other cities:
infrastructure – how big they are, how often they meet, do they have GA’s & working groups, police/legal situation
goals – what would you like to see develop
what can we help with or bring (to facilitate moving towards their goals)
contacts in that city; is there somewhere nearby we can stay while there

survey for our NYC working groups (request for reports from our working groups to compile and bring to share with other


Action items:
Charlie – minutes; put together list of ideas for the tour from working groups
Alisha – get list of contacts together (other cities, nyc working gorups, outreach contacts), share national needs/wants list
Alisha & Charlie – compile all the letters of intention that have been submitted to date
JP – post updates, action items, requests on fb page & website
Daniel – make announcement at GA

Logo – we are accepting submissions for a logo for the Occupy Within Tour (for our website, fb page

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