Minutes 2011-10-28

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future meeting plans & bus preparations…
our crew includes members of the movement that have been involved with a large cross section of the working groups

new contacts:
kelly – movement building, principles of solidarity, facilitation & media
jamie – interested in intentional communities
dane – what are you guys about & your main goal

announcement & statement of intent for GA & website
budget & alternatives for funding
get proposal sheet from info
present to 4pm facilitation mtg
then to spokescounciil
then ga

each working group suggests something that we bring that represents their goals

community building, information sharing, infrastructure development & expansion

we are a tool for the working groups & ga to achieve their goals

global call and personal connection are both important

list of skills of crew? how they can be effective

we are open to compiling the best group that represents the interests of the various groups

want to travel along? more can always join & make it a caravan

more buses to come. would like to share my experience to help fulfill other’s visions.

then there will be more flexibility and mobility for the movement next year to travel amongst the network

completely open – not imposing – just looking to share information (in both/all directions)

get input from the working groups/ga/spokescouncil in NYC & from each city before we go

would like to share our experiences we’ve accumulated from working for the past month plus with the various working groups

with other cities

list of best practices to share
curriculum of trainings to share
establish altar space
help set up ga website for other cities
share what cities need to folks who are coordinating resource sharing
puppet making & other materials for for collaborative art projects – big canvas that each city can paint a section
alternative currency/barter/resource sharing
open source technologies
build a greywater system for each city

** proposal needs to be really succinct, powerful & graspable **

face to face interaction will build a stronger sense of solidarity and connection

help to facilitate creative collaboration, sustainability & education

remain sustainable while mobile – can then help build up others

connecting the urban information hub with the rural to help sustain both

fostering the connections between people that will build the new world…strictly a technological future is not the answer

seeing how different people & places want to create intentional communities as part of the movement

part of the evolution we are experiencing is the marriage of sustainable local intentional community hubs with a

mobile/tribal/artist/nomadic culture facilitated by the bus fleet

help develop a new economy – facilitate barter/alternative currency culture / infrastructure

initial bus trip can be exploratory and pave the way to establish the connections & gain more experience for future mobile

infrastructure – will inspire new buses – to develop our own collective greyhound system = our own transportation network

keep it fresh & celebratory
do it from a place of joy

talk with people along the way (communities in between occupations)

promotional vehicle for the movement

kickoff fundraiser

do we want to facilitate events at each city (art/music venue etc)

media – videos from each city along the way. help document & share what is happening everywhere.

roving educational center

what does occupy within mean? – we believe global change will occur through personal empowerment and creative collaboration
** spreading a culture of peaceful action (non-violence) and awareness ** personal empowerment & creative collaboration **

This is an inter-city movement building initiative to share information, education, and empowerment to be the seed for

greater mobility and infrastructure within the movement


Mobile occupation & outreach
Education & information sharing
spreading a culture of patience, compassion & creativity (innovation, non-violence, self-empowerment, cooperation)
– developing the language to talk about these issues and how to best convey ideas to be most receptive & accessible


a group of us that have been working on a broad spectrum of the working groups
we are not representatives of the movement, nor do we have our own agenda other than to support your goals for inter-occupational development

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