Minutes 2011-10-25

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10/25 Planning Meeting

Letter of intent review
-Brief bio of who you are
-Why do you want to be a part of it ?
-What can you bring to the table ?
-Where do you see this going ?
-Additional information as you feel necessary
-Part of profile-submit picture and any other content you want edited
-Notate anything you do not want public !
Due Friday

2nd meeting-brief review of minutes from last meeting

Charlie-drives bus, couple of years, excited to continue this movement, empowerment and unity, cross pollinate network
Amy-OWS since Day 1, food working group off and on, intention to help see the vision through
Casey- since Day 1, movement building and natural communications, lead into interest in this,
Mike-since first week, lives in city, filmmaker, media group,
Anna- 3 weeks @OWS, arts and culture, interest in meeting other people, feel more unity between occupations
Jesse-since first week, waiting for a sign from the universe, evolutionary movement, we can create an amazing world, it will happen, getting another bus
Sarah- @OWS about one month, comfort but float, learn from other occupations, different skills and tactics in various areas, make things democratic as possible, work with other people that have been marginalized
Amanda- since day 4, sleep over some times, lives in Brooklyn, more people coming together to build communities, everyone is fearful, media control, helplessness, sustainable community by working together
MoGlo-1 week @ OWS, intend to be positive and spread positive energy, share smiles and the power of positive thinking, not officially been involved in any working groups but I’m still involved with various things, like to keep spirits up
Miles-since day 4 never left, sanitation and Pulse, bring recycling trash and compost, bus like a living organism learning from each other, NYC has help, need to support smaller occupations, one-on-one aid, take music with us like shows can help us make money
Desiree- since day 1, photographer, get a media team together, take part in educating people, likes library, bring literacy with us
Jose-from FL, intention to launch a group, came up for a week to learn what’s going on at NYC, education to spread what’s going on here, “occubus” caravan, convincing people of diversity, represents ethnicity, working with other occupiers to prepare stops for buses to camp and park
Alisha- 3.5 weeks, floating between working groups for a while, medic, food, helped sanitation, library, promote a collaborative network
Scott- 3.5 weeks, similar vision for years, wanting to travel and aid in any way, fell into our laps, can gain in so many ways by this experience, this movement is bringing people together in a way that hasn’t been seen since the 60’s, intend to bring general survival and security, mediation and security, help people set up camp
Max- Student in OH, came in beginning and came back, meditation in OH, critical tool, part of a healthy lifestyle, hasn’t been incorporated in western culture, loving and caring for others and the community
Ryan- here with Charlie on the bus, the bus can be ANYWHERE, spread knowledge and appreciation for what they have
JP-working with Green Bus since last Spring, visits OWS daily, short for words today
Lucas-visits daily, working with green bus since last fall, head coordinator for spring and summer tour

google group
-occupywithin.us temporary site up, would like full launch by Saturday (JP, Charlie & Alisha)
-Spanish translations (Jose)
-pictures and media (email to Charlie)
-google docs for links to web pages and articles
-video interviews
-who we’re sending it to
-ideas for sending information to grants and companies that may be interested (sponsorship)
-bank account for project itself, Lucas will facilitate bank account once it gets set up
-501c3 for tax deductible donations
Merch (email any ideas to Scott)
-shirts, stickers, CDs
-any other ideas
-Jose-silk screen travel with us
-MoGlo-stencils and spray paint/paint
-in house printing for flyers and posters
Proposal (money for tour) roughly $20,000
-proposal process
-tedious process
Finance and budget (Miles treasurer)
-$30 per person per day for bus maintenance and food
-$2000 safety budget
-$100 per day for working groups
-GA support while traveling ? Charlie will find out
-personal expenses covered ? self sufficiency and nomadic, sponsorship
-mobile hot spot of wifi
-raising funds along the way has not worked before
-setting up altar has worked out well
Letters of intent due Friday
-launching website and kickstarter Saturday
Contact with other cities (email Alisha)
-contact list from Movement Expansion meeting (Casey)
-collaborate with Jason for Outreach
-needs and wants
-supplies available (Desiree)
Reports of working groups
-Arts & Culture
-Internet and open source
-Movement Building
-join this working group

-meeting at 6PM (Alisha will report back)
Scheduling and logistics

-still between Nov 4-15
-plan to start getting more buses in December
Education and empowerment trainings
-Amanda, Max and Sarah, Jason ?
-Street Medic Training
-Direct Democracy
-Non-violent communication
-list of trainings going on during the week posted
Bus preparation (Miles and Charlie)
-storage under the bus
-drill holes and bolt hammocks
-working on the bus one day next week
-75 Frost Street (warehouse)

Ideas briefly discussed throughout:
Mural for every location
Chalkboard paint for chalk drawing
Jose for translations
Respond to the call for National Assembly
99% Declaration
Movement Expansion coordinating group (email Casey-NYC liaison)
-official working group ? subgroup ?
Hannah will coordinate with Ken for Arts & Culture
Supporting local farmers and businesses along the way
Training in each group

60 Wall Street (Atrium)

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