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10/22/2011 Prelim Meeting :


  1. Money
  2. Timing
  3. Where to
  4. Who is coming
  5. Online presence
  6. What we are doing
  7. What we’re bringing


Charlie-Flexible on time, out of the city by the winter, probably a couple of weeks to get it rolling, any specific dates or time constraints or suggestions ?

11/11/11 meaningful

How long ?- goes with location planning

looking to leave anywhere from 11/4 to 11/15

Where to:

Going down the east coast ?

plan now or go organically ?

Moving out of spaces to go on tour

time properly for travel

moving west  ?

Go down east coast in November and over west in December is an option

Going around intros commitment and intent:

Kelly-definitely going on the tour, see this as the first steps to start a nationwide and even global community that can network and share ideas, cashless economy, building a new paradigm, cash economy indebted us, moving to a more cooperative community based paradigm, move together with shared goals and resources, collaborative community

Mike-media working group, good opportunity to show national scale of movement, go and put the message out there and show how everyone is connected, filmmaker, like to go not sure if I am financially prepared, looking at funding

Derek-fully committed, younger generation 17, show kids how everyone can come together, spread knowledge to youth, mom lives in another country, wants to spread it to her country as well, my heart’s in this

Scott-from MI 3 weeks ago, over and above committed to the movement and revolution, be ready for it for years, has had this similar project in mind for a long time and occupations helped bring all of it to light, smaller grassroots occupations to help them get bigger and spread the movement, would like to move west, hit them all, no school , no work, nothing holding us behind, dog with us, run it by everybody, working dogs, here for the long haul, self sustainable communities mobile or home base, new way

Alisha- with Scott, still trying to find where I really want to put my heart, been floating between medic and food working groups, looking to dedicate more time to medic to be able to gather information for other occupations and possibly go as representative, looking into facilitating animal care working group-have dogs, on that issue would like to discuss dogs on the bus and how everyone feels later in the meeting, also would like to film and photograph-documentary of entire trip, managing documents and info

Jason- 100% in, silent meditation today, %; interest in sharing compassion, kindness & meditation, empowering each other and the sustainable shift

Miles-100% committed, working towards sustainable communities, other occupations not as supported, but want to help them gather support, moving organism always learning and teaching from each other, young, great learning experience

Ken-still brewing on time duration, want to be on this trip but not sure when I can start and what feels right, can bring skills in quick street celebration, circus, puppetry, envision bus tour supporting activist groups with celebrations of their spirit that they can take to their causes, brainstorm the worlds they want to see, theatre of the oppresses, witnessed a lot of healing, want to bring that knowledge and healing and people with those skills, Patch Adams talking about doing a medicine tour on a bus, conversation with folks there prior to occupation, yearly School of the Americas watch protest third week in Nov, potential experiment in how street theatre puppetry can fit in with this movement, paramilitary, Columbus, GA/AL, likely going to be gravitating towards but would invite that as a destination, see the building process for making a parade or street pageant

Amanda-24 from queens, preschool teacher in Brooklyn, met Charlie before and wanting to get into their project, into meditation and spirituality, community building to other occupations, “ice breakers” to help with mediation and community building, throw parties/powwows to get people talking together and working together, not everyone thinking and surviving for themselves, be compassionate with each other, share and experience things together, not interested in money, interested in love and relationships

Ryan-working with green bus for a year, we love water tour, getting clean water to everyone in the world before 12.21.12, water is plentiful, intend to be on this trip, Charlie is a great bus driver, reliable and great schedule, we will have great planning, fundraising is key, making more buses, get it out there, healing process, have a good time and sit in meditation, healing psyche of mankind, no one needs to get screwed, everybody deserves good

JP-planning on going, needing to tie up commitments, integrate and create a lot of positive media attention, positive state of mind and psychological, appreciate for one another, shared human abilities and characteristics, logistics helping with day to day things, comfort and food, community altars, meditation and sacred space and morale for these occupations, extract information about collaborative intentional communities

Charlie- I want to bring all the things that we all just said, glad that the universe brought this all together, actively listen and give awareness, communication is easier, intention to have a transformative vehicle, “interdimentional vehicle that brings you to here and now’ find yourself, potential to bring healing and empowerment joy celebration, sacred spaces, intention, foster the transformation of fear and anger into love and passion so we don’t have to focus on all the things we think we need to fight, encourage people to harness the power we have within yourself, transform our emotions into visions on how we want to see the world, movement part of a global shift for conscious awareness around the world, no violence, patience and tolerance,

Morning glory- from Mass, occupied in a little city close to hometown, came to stay for a few days but ended up staying because I belong here, being here for everyone, I think what I do best is making people happy and bring healing, create art, if I am going I can stop in mass to make patches for fundraising and selves, been wanting to do something like this for a long time, and  Alisha and Amanda told me about it, I want to help build communities and solidarity and help people be more positive and strong

Miles-adding that a working group that is very important SANTIATION, no need eventually as we can clean up after ourselves; love to see teaching for trash recycling and compost at each occupation


1. Need to make budget for proposal.

2. Where does the money come from?

1. Estimate of $30 per person per day ($10-15 for bus, $15-20 food):

– Bus expenses: fuel (runs on free veggie oil, need to purchase some diesel for starts/stops & as a backup); tolls; upkeep & maintenance (filters, parts); safety budget ~ $2000? (For repairs, etc); payments towards personal loan for initial seed money for bus project expenses

– Food: $15-20 per person per day

– Altar items (sage/incense, crystals, and fabrics) – mostly donated, but some will need to be purchased

2. Proposal to GA, Kickstarter, Donations, Individual Sponsors, Merchandise/Crafts

– Make proposals to GA: one for this trip; one for creating a veggie bus fleet over the winter to deploy by spring

– Launch Kickstarter (online fundraising campaign) by end of the week (video shoot Tuesday for Wednesday edit)

– Donation button on webpage

– Each person getting sponsored per mile or day (seems maybe a little complicated?)

– Merchandise for online & in-person fundraising

Charlie-2 extra tanks 55gal, debt incurred to get where we are, two friends who lent us money to keep the project going, would like to make continuous payments back, they bought the bus and gave it to me so we could do what we do

Scott- suggesting making money along the way because some of us don’t have money coming in


Shirts, hats

Logo ?-statue of liberty with peace sign sitting cross legged, eye love

Pins, stickers, patches, bags

Jewelry ?

Charlie-sponsor for the stay

Miles-video blog fundraising

Charlie-website with personal individual intentions will make it easier to

Mike-kickstarter video

What we’re bringing:

Opening up facebook to edit amongst group

Intent of the tour

A lot of other occupations looking to New York

Need to focus on spreading information

Also need to get feedback from them

Personal connections and networking

Things we’d bring would be personal but also open to ideas

Teams developing:

~ Music, Arts & Culture

~ Education & Empowerment

~ Outreach

~ Merchandise

~ Finance

~ Internet / Media

~ Legal (liaison in each city)

Scott-occupation “boot camp”, new occupiers, crash course on how to occupy, people to show them the rope, how to set up camp, get involved, clean up after yourself, not pamphlet, someone personal, doing that as a group

JP-differences in state laws lag with legal knowledge

Charlie-presentation or workshops, educational program, that is fun and creative, sharing but not getting into legal things, request for each working group to give information to help spread

Online presence:

Kelly-helping other occupations getting set up with livestream, great way to stay informed about the occupation

JP-blogs for each occupation ?

Scott- livestream on the bus, travel, occupations, events

Charlie-occupy TV on youtube

Mike-network to go to a central place and link all livestreams, no centralized hub for video, tab for every meeting every day, occupywallstreet,org owned by adbusters, makes transparency difficult as we’re emailing back and forth

Scott-don’t want to take away from the truth, want to make problems aware as someone else may come up with a solution

Website: occupywithin.us


Merch and fundraising for kickstarter

Video and interviewing Tuesday

Launch Oct 28th


Ryan-concern with space accommodations with the dogs, urination, tension in tight space

Scott-willing to compromise in any way necessary, working breeds, with us at all times

JP-concern with allergies, cannot be in close space overnight

Scott-if they can’t go we can’t go, they’re our babies, so we would be willing to accommodate anything extra in any way

Charlie-we’ve had dogs on board before but no for extended periods of time and not with as many people, concern with the extended period of time and space

Ryan-funding for another vehicle to carry dogs and other necessary equipment


Charlie-30 people sitting, 15 sleeping

Ryan-can alter top of bus, tarp it off, tents, sleeping bags

Charlie-can get people to ride bikes, get other cars, get other buses

Can someone attend 9am coordination meeting?:

– Connect with coordinators of other working groups to update them & invite them to send a representative if their group is not yet represented.

– Ask them to prepare a report for us to bring on the road to let other cities know what their group is about, share their template of what they’ve found to work or not work, etc


Map out locations

Compile contacts at each location

Meetings ??? daily or every other day ?


60 wall street (atrium)


Will allow time for interviews


Letter of intent

Framing questions

Why do you want to be a part of it ?

What can you bring to the table ?

Where do you see this going ?

Additional information as you feel necessary

Part of profile-submit picture and any other content you want edited

Be ready to be on film or interviewed

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