[Minutes] 2-20-12

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Historical figure themed meeting… In attendance are:
Vladimir Rasputin (Yuri), Albert Einstein (Raven), Jesus (Tim), Joesph Pirovin (Dillon),Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (Jeff), Germ, Chris B, Stacey, Isiah, Felix, Aktnaton, Harriet, Naomi, Carmichael, Michael, Genie, Conscience


Fund Hub’s name…
Yuri Proposes we Circle the “D” for Democracy    ~Consensus

Popup on Tompkins Square Park:
Dress as a super hero to bring the FUN back into FUND-RAISING   ~Consensus
*Ideas for action…
*Bake sale
*Art and crafts show
*Open Mic

AKHANATION – Fundraising
Has Non Profit Ideas where Occupiers can raise legal personal and ows funds and set there own standard for wages…
Seek out Yuri and/or Aktnaton for more info.. *Will be posted shortly*

F29 alternitive kid frienly NYC Public Libary
Chris will bottom line ideas and will post as event soon

702 Squat BBQ Fundraiser to help buy tools and fix up house…
More info on when & where see Dillon or Felix


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