Minutes 12/4/11 meeting

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Susan facilitated the meeting and we collectively established the
following agenda items:
•    How to change meeting times/locations
•    Annie Ellman’s self-defense workshop
•    Amendments to the declaration
•    Monday night statement for the Spokes Council
•    Banners/posters
•    Getting to know one another
•    Future actions

How to change meeting times/locations:
We discussed options for parameters around changing the time and
location of meetings. They were many suggestions but we decided that
we should only change times and places in rare cases, and that when
there is a change, it should be posted online three days in advance to
give people enough notice.

This discussion brought up a question of whether our group of six
people was enough to consense on such a decision, or if we needed more
people to come to consensus. We realized we need to have a discussion
around what our quorum is to make decisions. Some suggestions for
allowing more people to be involved were to put notice online that a
certain topic will be decided upon at the next meeting, put decisions
on the web and allow absentees to modify, or put meeting agendas
online ahead of time so people can provide feedback on issues/plan to
attend the meeting ahead of time. We decided to put out the following
questions to the group:
1.    Do we need a quorum for making decisions (if so, what is the
quorum) or can it be a rolling process?
2.    Do we need to put decisions made at meeting up online for potential

Annie Ellman’s self-defense workshop:
There will be a planning meeting on Wed, 12/14 at 6pm at 60 Wall St.
This meeting will be to discuss what people need from the workshop.
The actual training will be on Sunday, 12/18 either at 2 or 4pm for
1.5-2 hours. Denise sent an email requesting space at Pace University
for 25 people. Amelia said she would contact Melanie to find out about
56 Walker as a back up space. We need to send an invitation to
Community Alliance, Safer Spaces, and Wellness (for up to 25 people).
Susan to ask Annie to write an invitation and we will alter it. Janet
will write a proposal to bring to the GA to fund the training. She
will put it on the Google group on Monday and we have until Wednesday
12pm to suggest edits. It will then go to facilitation on the 7th or
8th and the GA on the 10th.

Amendments to the declaration:
Everyone must submit their feedback by 12/08 and the final consensus
meeting will be held that day.

Monday night statement for the Spokes Council:
We briefly discussed what happened at the Spokes Council on the prior
Monday and that Christina was preparing a statement as an awareness-
generating exercise.

The banner design is being taken to the Design group for suggestions
and we will discuss after. Janet has material and supplies available
to make more banners. One banner idea discussed was “Sisterhood is
powerful.” We wanted suggestions on a space we could use to make

Getting to know one another:
Everyone liked the idea of planning a get-together to get to know one
another better personally. We would like everyone on the Google group
to suggest dates that work for them. We also discussed the possibility
of doing short intros at the beginning of meetings.

Future actions:
Larissa had the idea of doing outreach and giving people info on
alternative shopping ideas, such as fair trade organizations. She
mentioned an iphone app called Fair Trade Finder. She would like
people to think about the idea. We also discussed planning actions
leading up to and on International Woman’s Day on March 8th, 2012.
There was discussion about how to get more women featured in the press
and Larissa had the idea of having some type of media training for the
group. We also discussed possible actions against holiday shopping
such as mic checks/flash mobs at macy’s. Another idea was surrounding
Planned Parenthood in support of them. Susan suggested having a WOW
meeting specifically on the topic of reproductive rights at some
point. We decided to continue discussion on these at a later date.

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