Minutes 12.9.11

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Trish, Gabriel, Jason, Stan, Orlando, Cynthia, Jeff, Odd, Max, Julia, Damien, Nick

Facilitator: Max

Notetaker: Julia

Mike: Park Slope was fine, over capacity 3 people, starting houseless working group and caucus,
Stan: doing an orientation which includes housing on the 18th

Jason: went to WSAG/office point people meeting: key codes, how office is accessed, who will hold codes, etc. involves signing a document, being responsible for the code, that code being broadcast or not within the group; still waiting on a document

Max: D17: Reoccupation: DA has been working on this since before the raid and now becoming a public effort; meeting on Monday at 5:00pm at 60 wall st

Jeff: picked up the check for SPSA, were meant to authorize check for park slope but got derailed – need to do that now before finance closes; SPSA was fine; some medics say they’re not being represented by the safety cluster; there was a medical problem and no one from the safety cluster showed up; did not resolve housing problem from last meeting; will pass around a letter: “there were no ows people awake during the night at SPSA on Thursday night”

Odd: Cynthia and I went to do a headcount at SPSA; maria said there was an incident last night where a young man was making homophobic statements to the pastor or someone from the church (?), he was very offended – haven’t spoken to pastor and have not confirmed it with anyone else.

Cynthia: got 100 for housing to be used for cleaning supplies for yonkers; Kelly is now getting the metrocards; I will be here giving them out at 60 wall st. 6-9;

Jason: going to meet with 190 space church, could be free, has commercial kitchen


  1. Flyers
  2. Park slop payments
  3. Safety cluster situation
  4. Metrocards
  5. Long-Term housing thing

Orlando: how many people do we need to house?  Are we housing people in working groups or just anybody?

Gabriel: can we prepare food on site?  – is a conversation to have in kitchen

Street Vendor Project: 8-11am; get a free coffee and donut from Ali next to the park

Park Slope:

-have invoice, originally there was a proposal for one week but friendly amendment for two weeks; 420 for first week and 490 for second week; amendment at GA is that invoice goes through housing group to make sure all is well; includes electric, utilities, etc.  invoice is not broken down by cost area

– Gabriel: thank you for doing this, the transparency that we need

Props to Ami!

-Cynthia will run to finance to get the check then get it to park slope tonight


2. Flyers

– Odd: made handbills and have a couple hundred and need to distribute them; these are meant for occupyers to give to other occupyers that you might run in to when you’re out and about; let me know if you have any suggestions; will make a new batch if you want – will add that there’s a housing meeting every day to new batch

-Gabriel: should we put more information about how camping in Zuccotti is not available

-Jeff: I thought these flyers are just for housing info; will it be confusing for people coming who think they are getting info about housing v. being in housing group

-Odd: They have other info; it’s a great way to get people plugged in

-Orlando: maybe we have to drop that we have the housing rep here from 6-9

-Odd: that is for people who do not have phones or internet who can come to 60 wall

­-Concerns: people thinking this meeting is for finding housing; lots of people coming and interrupting; meeting being on administrative

Gabriel: only way I got the info was by coming to this meeting

-those who want to decide this issue will talk to Odd after the meeting

3. Safety Cluster Involvement

-Lauren and Jeff will bottomline reaching out to safety cluster people to ask them to come to next meeting

4. Metrocards

Lauren: reportback from getting weekly metrocards distributed over 4 days at 60 wall st; some receipts were lost at the machines so will be collecting cards again over 3 days

Kelly: the main MTA building is at Borderline, Brooklyn; can get them in bulk; will give a mass receipt ; metrocards was meant for people to get to housing and back to meetings – wasn’t supposed to be for personal business

Gabriel: taking names from working groups?

Gabriel: need weekly metrocards because going back and forth from housing comes out to over 7

Jeff: came to consensus yesterday that we were going to buy 175 cards that will be deistributed to churches and the rest for other occupyers; did not come to consensus about when we would draft that proposal, needs to be submitted

Trish will bottomline taking metrocard proposal to facilitation: 175 weekly metrocards

Trish: what about people who are travelling to occupy Newark? We need to help them out as well; be in solidarity with Newark

Jason: we need to start drawing some boundaries around who we are helping; don’t want OWS help to go to Washington

** Long-Term Housing Compilation

Julia: we need a compilation online of all the sites that are possible with point people

-Nick has a list of top 10 sites; has started this project

Gabriel: maybe we need an intermediary, give them money, have them buy the facility, have a contract, will turn that space into a public space that’s governed democratically ; found a building at 113 greenwich – bring all ideas to Nick ; it’s essential that we get a situation like that

Alec: if we have this money why don’t we buy a building, etc…?

Nick:  I have a list of what people have said; list should be based on development of merit; let’s go check out all the options and get a lot of data;

Jason: there are very complicated factors that have to be taken into account when you think about spending money; how many parts of this organization publicly internally and in many ways just spending money affects this organization.  It’s not as simple as spending money.

Stan: we have a list of 10 places; if we could get 3 people in housing to go to these places, figure out the merits, and have reportbacks

Odd: hope that OWS is not a real-estate agent that’s looking to flip housing and displace low-income people; there are other option: auctions, buying house as a land trust; if OWS has 501c3 status, it’s possible that if someone were to meet someone as a land or property owner then someone could write it off as a tax write-off

Gabriel: will work on building stuff; contact him if you’re interested

*There are dozens of people working on long-term housing; the idea is to consolidate all those ideas in one place

**If you have ideas, talk to Nick:

Exclusion Situation

-Stan: for not excluding anyone but following the rules of the places that we live under; let the churches or places decide who stays or goes

Orlando: I agree that the rules should be made by the lease holder or churches, not by us

Jeff: churches don’t feel that they’re responsible for policing the sites; OWS has to take ownership for it

Lauren: at every space we need to have a printed out rules and guidelines of what spaces want to see happen or not; if someone violates that we can say it’s via the space and we’re respecting the churches so we should follow that

Jason: have to figure out a way to put the responsibility of policing on the community; this will take time; takes trust and relationship building; not an easy fix


Jason: there was a group that did have a system in place and it was the safety cluster; they might have decided to back out of these situations; increases urgency for us to take care of this

Orlando: at the house in yonkers you give respect you take respect; having no problems, housing 25 people a day;

Guy: believe that all this needs to be done with consensus; they said I was drunk and I haven’t had a drink in 22 years; only questioned someone’s authority; threw me on the ground; if someone is going to be kicked out it should be by consensus so folks aren’t questioning if something is right or wrong; places are gracious/folks are taking it for granted

Guy 2: gotta look at policing as the safety of each of us; policing doesn’t mean that we are watching everything that one of us do; it’s keeping the safety of us in those churches;

Lauren: security as I knew it was community alliance; these spaces are very precious;

Gabriel: if a person kicks you to the ground, there shouldn’t be consensus to get that person kicked out

Jeff: this has been talked about many times; run into a lot of grey areas like things without witnesses; someone eventually has to make the decision; person is not defined

Julia: proposal to let the communities deal with their own problems; housing group does not have the authority; each space should be empowered to make their own decisions about their space

Marguerite: problem with consensus groups is that there’s a charismatic person rallying and it can get emotional; people need to come together with common goal; each person have their separate interests; should not be allowed to tear the group apart

Hamilton: what I meant is if someone is going to go tell someone to leave, it should be more than one person; do it in a polite way;

Orlando: we live together; come together and decide what to do with the person; if someone from the outside they fresh and they don’t know what’s going on

Gabriel: what is the meaning of the word justice; victims have rights; have jury of your peers

Kelly: lots of discussion about this; the people that are in the housing group we need to think of a grievance or misconduct process; no matter the location or housing area, there should be a contract that people sign so if someone violates it, they can be asked to leave based on that; so everyone’ s voice is heard; crisis decisions need to be made sometimes

Proposal: providing the communities with all the resources like de-escalators, outside people, etc and putting communities in charge of their space/creating a contract


Orlando will bottomline making a general contract of rules and behavior guidelines based on rules of spaces

Gabriel: contract should be agreed upon by those who are governed

Options for enforcement:

  1. Put in the hands of community to do enforcement – PASSED!
  2. Have team of individuals made in a process that we bring back to the large group for approval will think up the enforcement plan

**create a proposed contract and churches can amend it, etc.






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