Minutes 12.8.11

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Shae, Jeff, Sam, Mike, Doa, Cynthia, Melanie, Rev Kay, Horatio, Ray, Kachel, Alec, Neil, Brendan, Zach


Jeff: invoice for spsa that was passed has gone through finance, check has been signed and waiting to be delivered to the site, for next 2 weeks; received the invoice for park slope for this and next week; had community meeting at SPSA and a good night; voiced concerns, covered laundry/metrocards/issues with the movement; had incident this morning that was not about the site but involved one of our occupyers

Rev Kay: Halo was waiting to get swiped onto the train; checking with some occupyers to get on the train; got stopped by plainclothes cops and arrested him; occupyers showed up and made a scene; took him in; confiscated a camera that was documenting everything; went down to the precinct to get him out, tried to get phone back; did not get to see him; talked to an attorney and they are already on it; hope that he’s all right; arrested for panhandling

Jason :cops are always waiting at that metro station; be very mindful

Mel: that part of town is upscale; people complain; I was walking down broadway and saw OWS in marker on a window – please don’t do that!

Alec:  saw someone throw a needle in a regular trashcan


  1. Metrocards

Jeff: given the high cost of the metrocards and uncertain future situation, we should have a weekly proposal for metrocards; separate the two items: weekly proposal for metrocards and budget for housing cost

Zach: what might help to get more metrocards, a friendly amendment was set in place that we should just get two weeks worth :

Cynthia: Finance wants invoices to be a little bit clearer; who to make check out; concern that it’s a lot to house a few people; mostly personal concerns;

Zach: is the amount solid with what we asked for from the GA?

Susan: POI: got an email from Ami at Park Slope – they have lowered the price to $70 a day

Lauren: want to confirm whether we have established finance point people.  Thought that was me and Scott?  Price is about supplies and depleting the resources; at 86th st we are burning through their towels, utensils, plates, Tigga ran off to Newark with money for food/supplies for church; want to make sure that I wasn’t expected to be one

Jeff: POI: finance has no concerns with the amounts

Jeff and Cynthia went in to finance to get the money = finance point people

Jason: Lauren summed up what I was going to say, it’s lenient for the resources being depleted

Alex: The only way think tanks can bring us down and watch out for people making us seem greedy

Zach: 4350 for 150 cards was the proposal

Lauren: that proposal does not include the 50 cards that went to RACA (Razor’s group) ; will be here at 6 pm to collect metrocard receipts/metrocards

– we need to talk about long-term housing

Horatio: proposal to make a purchase of bicycles – that’s about $5000 dollars for 50 people; seems like a possible investment

Zach: that was proposed as a friendly amendment to metrocard proposal; have concerns with that amendment

Julia: propose that we go ahead with the weekly metrocards; focus on long-term housing

Jeff: proposals for invoices is not what’s important; we need to focus on long-term solutions; need to keep people housed tonight

Zach: Scott or Garrett or Nick had a list of top 10 long-term housing options; nothing will ever get done if we fill up the agenda with temporary stuff

Lauren: there’s about 300 occupyers we’re dealing with; want to get it out to people who can help others; want to give it to people who are responsible;  50 should still go to RACA, has been trying to take care of his people including getting him in McDonalds; be-careful not it being a free-for-all

Jose: so is housing giving metrocards to all occupyers or helping transport people?

Lauren: the purpose is to get people to housing and they could double as ways to get to marches, they’re unlimited

Zach: if RACA needs more cards they should be at the meeting or making their own proposal

Jeff: documenting 120 occupyers at churches per nite

Lauren: folks are upset about conditions at the church, having to wake up early

Zach: proposes 160 cards; don’t feel that it’s appropriate to put a limit on it either; there are way more than 160 people to get to where they’re sleeping

Jeff:  RACA’s group is not under housing scope; we are also working with the Yonkers’ space; probably can’t give metrocards to everyone; shoot for 150; need to think about timing because of the proposals for facilitation

Lauren: want to stress RACA because it used to be a joint proposal; RACA is a group of marginalized folks; they can’t go to the churches or take advantage of the resources that we’re providing; we need a list of names of people staying at the churches so it doesn’t get crazy

Cynthia: I want to know how they’re being distributed?

Zach: the metrocards that we passed for last week; we sat at 60 wall st to give them out until they’re all out; expected to return them tomorrow as proof

Lauren: the metrocards have been given out; tried hard to screen every individual; if you are going to bring a proposal to the GA and its specific to people in the churches then we need a list and then people are going to get mad; lots of other people who aren’t at these churches and what about them? Creating this separation

Jose: request: can we work through this proposal?

Jason:  people are always going to feel excluded; we can do this forever and people will always feel excluded; can create some kind of boundary or we will never stop the growing circle of the excluded

Julia: proposal: 175 weekly unlimited cards without limit on where they’re going

Jeff: friendly amendment: these cards go to housing point people

Cynthia: has a list of everyone at the church’s

Jeff: Autumn has a list

Jose: distributed amongst SPSA, park slope, yonkers, autumn’s  group;

Zach: a lot of skepticism of people at the church’s doing favoritism, etc.

Rev Kay: as long as the people who are staying at the churches and yonkers know where and when to get the cards, that would be an added impetus that the people at the churches are here doing the work

Zach: person on the housing hotline in charge of disseminating the cards

Jason: it takes time but we’re trying to do the best we can; we will get better at this

Jose: concern that those cards are not limited to the people in the space


**Proposal: 175 distributed among SPSA, park slope, yonkers, autumn’s  list – AGREED


  1. Concerns at SPSA

Jay: get a list of people in working groups

Zach: still have the proposal from way back when to look at

Jason will bottomline proposal to GA

Jose: clarify concerns agenda items because they are immediate

Jose: concerns from people who have been working a long time at SPSA that it would help the process to clarify and move/ask a new person to step into the role of point person at the church – request from the safety cluster; Jeff is the point person now

Jay: Jeff does a lot of work for the churches but I can help him if he needs assistance

Julia started facilitating

Pastor K: People that are @ SPSA have a say on who is the new Point person; wants a person who is able to be a liason.

Jeff: wants a policy of rotating positions

Cynthia: Concern-one person continually stepping up is against the nature of our movement.

Zach: CC- figured out that SPSA will be open until Jan. 2


Alec: Likes the idea of rotating point person

Neil: Asked question to Jeff if he has any problems being a point person

Jeff: Concerns: have not been brought with any concerns; proposal brought by someone who is not in housing; speaking about the nature of temporary housing; more concerns with other housing and not SPSA (fights with Park Slope)

Jose:  Safety Cluster is stating that they would no longer be able to

Susan:  Spoke about the physiological aspect of the occupiers and the medical aspects of the occupiers (issues with blankets) @ SPSA.  Altercation with Jeff and Susan when it comes with an issue with blankets.

Mary: From Medical- She went to west park church… went to the church and removed the cushions to get rid of the scabies outbreak.

Jason: Health issue doesn’t have any factor in the replacement of point persons

Jose: Stating that other WG’s are having problems contacting the point person:

Jay: As far as the safety concern. The paperwork wasn’t correct at the church.

Tabling meeting till tomorrow







  1. Proposal to pass invoices
  2. Budget
  3. Christmas
  4. Metrocards
  5. Breatherights
  6. Long-term housing
  7. Concerns


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