NYCGA Council Weekly Meeting Minutes 12.21.2011

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In attendence:

 Jason, Nan, Occupier (1), Occupier (2),Occupier (3), and myself.


The meeting was held as an open dialogue relating to issues voiced by the attendees.


1. General Assembly Building

               A sub-group as created .

             Jason decided to put forth a proposal regarding metro cards, and WG participation.

            Working Groups meetings, Metro card distribution, and Food being served during the times of General    Assembly was identified a negative influence.

Occupier (1) Male: General Assembly (GA) and Spokes was the same thing. And that the GA should locate a place to be held indoors.

2. Dissolve Spokes

A sub-group was created.

3. General Assembly Outreach

A sub-group was created.

The meeting ended .









2 Responses to “NYCGA Council Weekly Meeting Minutes 12.21.2011”

  1. Monica McLaughlin

    So what happened at the meeting? Is the fleshed out version of the minutes coming soon?

  2. Yoni Miller

    this looks like a 3 person meeting pretending to be 6 person meeting so they can likely get reimbursed up to 700 dollars a week. Would love to be wrong