minutes 12.11.11

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Informal discussion of Lauren’s phone being  robbed at Park Slope.


Max assigned Jason (housing facilitation + 86thst) to be facilitator

Lauren medic and ? got to do what they do




Kniciy SIS

Alec housing kitchech and park slope

Tony park slope




Metrocards, Park Slope, Timebank. Jason added Safety Cluster, where to go from here.


Park Slope and churches

Alec – someone drinking, dancing, screaming, Lauren


Stealing vs. intoxication enforcement levels and degrees of offensives.


Park Slope Churches is  making those decisions

Rahka – revolutionary activists hell kicking …. They can stay at McDonald’s

Doris and Alice were form Park Slope attending. Not being confrontational, still being supportive, just don’t want the trouble makers.

If people are going to pee on things churches will be taken away from us.

People take housing for granted, trans community? making fights, etc.


Daniel is continually disrupting meeting. We make a decision to have him removed before 3:34 three minutes if he disrupts once more. Jason doesn’t think it’s a good idea to be clear on that decision.


Meeting at 9 church – west 86th about these issues.


Metting with Park Slope this afternoon.


Combining the churches to coordinate metro, kitchen, etc.


Jason we learned lessons in the park and in churches.


Another guy from Park slope feels people should vote on  the troublemakers. Or get security to not let people back in.


Park Slope will not let troublemakers back in.


12:38  Daniel sorry if he disrespected but he didn’t know who we were.

Chris took him out.


Nicky  – k

Can’t be under 18.



Lauren – People complain about security food they should join. People need to be empowered to get these people out.


De-escalate Chris – Security


Just walking in the door they need to agree on the rules.


Empowerment the troubled people they are making their own decisions


We assert many rules –  empowerment – set of principles.

Empower everyone . Needs to be revisited, reminded, as part of recurring meetings.


Church has rules.  We need rules about sexual misconduct. Rich resources,


Jason closed stack.


Lauren promoted 10 point code created by concensus.

No fornicating, alcohol, curfew,


Jeff, Instill a culture in the churches by the people who are there. There were two drunk people so one of the people who were sleeping there and go that person to leave.


Chris – Jeff is responsible pIf you refuse to abideerson. Rules goes against some people’s principles.


Nathalie – When you don’t have. Everyone can say what they want. When power few good people, Intelligent, compassion, Patriotic.  I’m only support.


Metro cards:  Jeff for 86, Salvatore for Park Slope, Yonkers – Kelly,

Lauren for people here 75 has a list. Need to coordinate list.


Request to have people return metro card has not been successful. Laruen has been hopping turnstiles.


30 from Park slope not 20.


Unlimited metro cards.


Jeff  there won’t be enough cards for overflow.


Working on hosting  timebank


If people loose their card they don’t get another.


Working group gets $100 for ? not necessarily for metro cards p need receipts. Occupiers group have metro cards.


Ours are weekly.



Timebank discussion  was blocked



Safety Cluster

Wanted to be involved. They had terms.

Do we continue to discuss safety clusters?

I don’t know what support – like medics, non violent communications, where do we go? Victoria typed


Asking how we should manage individual programs.

Safety cluster is coming at us. We are self organizing. There were mistakes, tuff situations.


They were on fire. I don’t now how it happened good or bad?


I would like see us self organize.


Services they are threatening to remove.  Safety cluster – mental health social services, mediation, used to be medical, de-escalation.


Point of information – de-escalation never takes $100. Never declines services. Chris


Safer spaces?

Should safer spaces come back?


Lauren – People who want to help shouldn’t be taking up space from occupiers.


Jeff we do need to log in log out people coming to the churches.


If you can get 10 people to sign saying they want you for a point person then you can.


We cannot let crazy things happen. How do we take care of ourselves Jason asks.

When they took the park they took my life but they didn’t take my heart.


Lauren – we already knew those who didn’t want help. She was in sanitiation and they started to ignore that part of the park.


If they assault her she doesn’t care. We can broadcast to the world.

If people don’t want to move to phase two they will be left behind.


Maybe you feel more of a family.


Another thing we had a list and people were saying we were excluding people. There were free floaters coming in and out and shit was missing. Did he take my shit?


I don’t want to use the wrong language, core group. It was a nice night at the church last night.

If people are willing to meet us 70% of the way, we can learn so much. If people are willing to take it up a notch. We can become the powerhouse of this movement. WE can make an ocean of signs, computer work, give this organization what it really needs to be. The people who are in the office is not Occupy Wall Street.


Chris – what’s going on in the movement. He and his neighbor didn’t get along but he loves his brother. Know your neighbor. What we did in the park we can accomplish in the church. We are in future shock because we thought the park would last forever. You won’t have to worry about your phone being stolen. Each on teach one.


Lauren – What everyone is saying is what we need to do at the end of meetings is what we need to do. I get hot headed because I care so fucking much, I lost so much, I am scarred and traumatized because of abuse as a kid. This is part of my healing process.


We are reborn. I got occupy on my neck. That’s all I want to say. It’s the things we do together that bond us. She shows her tattoo.


I agree with Lauren. We have to keep the church like you would your home. People were raised better than that.


Lots more encouraging positive cheerleading inspirational talk.

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  1. Public Takeover

    Thanks. I can’t make the meetings. These are great minutes! Hang in there, occupados! Love is a foundation that can’t be overthrown by even the wickedest storms in the world!