Minutes 11/4/11

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–       Keystone Excel Pipeline- supporting Jobs (for the 99%), blatant contradiction of union supporting OWS and pipeline.  **Proposal:  Explicit rebuttal of the 99% being used by 5 unions (America’s Building Trades Unions, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Labor-Management Committee/ jobsforthe99%.com)

–       Voted on the proposal to rebut “Jobs for the 99%” Keystone Pipeline and bring in the labor unions

–       Physical Actions for Nov.6à Pete spoke with Seattle to join actions at Valero Gas Stations, Teach in this Sunday followed by an action (protest leaving from Zuccotti, conversation with IBW Local 3-only 45 jobs would be created, show public support to unions who have taken a stance against pipeline)

–       Transportation Union attempted to communicate with Keystone Pipeline

–       Environmentalist and Laborà Support Sustainable Jobs.   Question:  Who could we target of a rally or march to promote clean jobs and target pipeline

–       Idea for Next Climate Justice Day:  Peak Planet: Strategies and Solutions for Survival

–       Dogwood Alliance Proposes Nov.16 action against KFC: Consensus to endorse this action and the Animal Rights working group

2 Responses to “Minutes 11/4/11”

  1. Laura Serrano

    Your Question: Who could we target of a rally or march to promote clean jobs and target pipeline? Hi ! I would like to suggest the EPA Region 2 at 290 Broadway NY.I have with 4 other woman from different states received no help from the EPA ! In our Environmental Contamination to our Homes all 4 of us had to leave our homes.Together we have a 22 year history of cover-ups and documentation. Now is the time to Occupy the EPA! Why because without clean air,water and soil we have nothing, and then we would have nothing to OCCUPY!!

  2. Margaret Motheral

    Hi Laura, I have a NY friend who shares a connected Philadelphia corruption story and she told me to get on NYC Occupy. See ya Friend