Minutes 1/13/12

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Accounting Meeting 1/13/12
Sean, Brian, Jason, Jeff, Haywood, Adam, Christine, Trish, Jeff II, Gray
Haywood will facilitate. 
Agenda proposals: 1) brian wants to know why accounting sucks so much. 
Haywood says he can answer that quickly, its because we can handel money in an anticapitalist movement.
Sean says he doesnt think this is an anticapitalist movement, but is clearly the weird one.
Others point out that he is in fact wearing a cape, bearing out that statement. Laughter. 
Trish: I have an agenda point, i need clarity on how the number changes, folks from accting show up at meetings and annouce how much we have, but there are large discrepencies in the number
How much do we have?
Haywood: About 170k minus bail fund, so 270k with bail find. 
Agenda point one: Trish- when someone from accting shows up to spokes or GA can you please make sure they have a number to give us. 
Members of accounting all temp check positive on this. 
Christine suggests that we send the number to the mailing list before spokes/ga so that whoever goes will have an accurate number to announce. 
Trish: sometimes there is a 300k difference from one spokes/ga to another. 
Haywood: is that where the idea of the 300k discrepency came from?
Trish: No, right now we're just talking about the difference between what gets said from one meeting to another
Trish: if something passes, and then there is a donation that covers it instead, then do we know where that donation came from?
Christine: no, it never went through general fund, and besides we dont disclose donors
Background on the proposal from Trish and Sean: so something was passed through spokes, afterwards we realized we needed it to go through GA. However money was needed the next day, so a donor stepped up. Proposal was null because it shouldnt have been there. 
Ray says he wanted to join accounting, gave his name or number, 
Trish: Credit card receipts: if i bring a receipt for tickets, can i get reimbursed?
members of accounting say yes, group has to have consensed on expenditure, financial point person (designated in minutes) has to bring receipt for reimbursement. 
Gray wants to volunteer, name email and name taken
Jeff: new agenda poing: accessibility and availability of accounting department to serve their function at this movement. Closed 2 consecutive days, makes it difficult to make transations, also accounting chooses to operate out of the occupied office, when office is closed its very hard. Accounting itself often closes early at will without notification, generally the excuse i have been given is that there is no money so they wont process receipts, if there is an issue with getting money or getting documents done, i would ask that we get more signers, preferably people with no other jobs. Not only am i requesting more signers if necessary, but i would also ask to know the process for getting on the bank account should be open. 
Adam: we need a secure site, it is something we should do, its not random that we're using the office. 
Christine: i agree with all of what you said, we're very short staffed, we would rather have a different space, are looking, but office is it for now, we would rather have more hours, better system, but people came here to be part of a movement which has a problem with money in society, people want to be activists, not on accounting. 
Jeff: i see people there all the time, sometimes at midnight from the group, 
Anthony: people who are there arent always the people who can actually do money. people who work desk (process receipts) usually cant even touch money. i dont touch money. 
Haywood point of info: we are more accessible than anybody else, we are there every day 1-5, i would challenge any other working group to have that. 
Jeff: Housing, we have meetings daily at 3:30 and also provide a service from 8:30 pm to 9am daily, and all our meetings are open. also kitchen.
Point of info, kitchen also has closed meetings.
Christine: housing has lots of problems, not doing very well, maybe you should have internal meetings and stuff will get done better?
Jeff: more questions, essentially, do we need signers? why is it so hard to get a check cut, why doe money run out? 
Haywood: people dont tell us when they need money. we get drained. talks about getting a lawyer on the bank account. this is essentially a treasurer. occupiers are still on it because we learned by doing, we need somebody who isnt an activist though, who will be contractually obligated to us, work right down the street, will just go to the bank in the morning, cut checks, have nothing to do with decision making
Jeff expresses sentiment that the decision about who is on the bank account should be made by the GA, this is movement money, does not belong to the accounting group, the GA should have control over the process
Trish, haywood, jeff, fighting. talking about open meetings vs closed meetings, discomfort about closed meetings.
[name unknown]: we would have to pay a lawyer
Haywood: pro bono
Adam: decisions about money are made by GA. actual stuff is done in internal meetings. DA does this all the time. they get money for an action, but the specifics of how that action can be carried out are decided internally, in closed meetings. 
Jeff: you guys make decisions about process internally. 
haywood: no, we carry out the work of accounting internally, count  cash, make filing system, etc.
Anthony: i showed up to volunteer, joined, i've been to one closed meeting, we talked about needing petty cash receipts, about recruiting, open meetings are where we take comments, criticism
jeff feels that is antithetical to movement, doesnt believe that accounting should be in same catagory as DA that way, they do clandestine stuff, accting should be transparent, decisions should all be made in open meetings by whoever shows up
Christine: we tried that, it didnt work, we couldnt get anything done, random unvetted people shouldnt be making decisions about how money is handeled, not everything has to be totally open and horizontal, working groups have autonomy, we have to be open for everyone to join, which we are, but we definitely have to do some things in closed meetings. 
Mandolin Guy: more info on financial point people's role
Anthony: petty cash procedure
Brian: spending should be decided by group consensus 
mandolin: I would like to volunteer
haywood: come on monday for training
christine: is it at 10 again?
anthony and brian: lets do 11, 10 is early. 
training will be at 10, at 60 wall since status of 50bwy is uncertain. stack is not closed but people have commitments. some will stay to talk after meeting. 
meeting adjourned

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  1. opposition

    “Haywood: About 170k minus bail fund, so 270k with bail fund”. 300k difference $170 – bail fund = $70k. $270 + bail fund = $370k. $370k – $70k = $300k difference.

  2. opposition

    “Haywood: About 170k minus bail fund, so 270k with bail fund”. $170 – Bail Fund = $70k; $270 + Bail Fund = $370k; $370k – $70k = “Trish: sometimes there is a 300k difference”