Minutes: 11/28/11 – Comm Cluster Meeting #2

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11/28/11 – Comm Cluster Meeting #2
Check in from last meeting:
Comm cluster met last week to talk about issues facing the NYCGA and the working group structure.
Decided to come up with a proposal to update and review groups to have a clear snap shop of what is going on right now so people going to the website know what’s going on.
Kobi and I put together a rough proposal
Schematic visualization of how projects and groups fit together
Document circling in the e-mails is a form from coordination from Micheal.
Shen – put this under coordinators meeting notes on the web site
# Clustering
# Review Proposal
# Action items
# WG Check in
- What do we do, what are we responsible for?
- Information sharing. Discuss what we are working on and sharing resources.
- Flow of information, structure within the whole movement, overcoming
- There is an information problem. Comm Cluster is the key holder, we are all concerned with communication. How do groups communicate through the website
A lot of WG aren’t working/meeting – lots aren’t using the web site – lots are keeping information closed – People aren’t giving tech the info to share with anyone
- We spoke a lot about too many working groups that are doing nothing or don’t exist
- Info has dealt with lack of information and gathering it – creating multiple entry points for information – doing everything we can do scout info out – the cluster can coordinate information gathering
- NYCGA if used with intention could be super powerful – the tools are there – we don’t have people using the tools – TRAINING is need – we need space and people who will build training material, best practices for new working groups turning people into power users
- Training is also a two way thing were we can get feedback – Hardware is needed we need access points – bring to spokes, how do we bring hardware to those without
- POI big purchase of hardware on it’s way
- Two different proposals? A: they are not inconsistent but one is a “process” this is a proposal
- We need to create a set of harmonized names for groups (kitchen vs. food) we are working on this for news.occupy.net build in some continuity
- This would clear up redundancy if we know what each group is focused on
**read the proposal**
Stack open about pro
How will we collect information?
What a working group is not?
If you don’t have projects are you not a working group?
Maintenance, will we work to update?
Online form for projects?
If a group is removed from nycga.net does that affect their status of spokes?
- point person and point squad – this is for working groups, but it should be over project instead. We need point person for projects
* contact for working group – point person for projects
- tech has a proposal for the
- Q: is this an initial one time thing? or on going?
- I don’t think this fixes the communication issue.
- Visibility of projects is first step
this proposal is the urgent need right now
- We need to define how long groups will have to compile
- If we have a process we want people to use and we don’t have a space to train them it wont happen. We need a space & process to train
POI – comm cluster – is just an open thing
- We need to take it to the groups and get by in from groups, is that good?
Katie – I want to make a proposal – I think kicking groups off is great – Because this is the first time we are doing this, we give them a notice first then a second round to remove.
- next step will be to figure out how to maintain
- Next step to get buy in from WG
C: when do you want to present this?
A: Thursday
- Saturday is the new goal
- We have to stick to this, tell everyone. Move on Saturday, let all the working groups know, send e-mail
Time Line:
Saturday: GA proposal
Friday: Post online by facilitation
Monday: put the document on notes.occupy.net
Proposal: Pitch on Saturday, submit to Facilitation on Friday 4pm, Monday post on notes.occupy.net and distribute to Spokes, Thursday nail this down.
Action items for implementation:
Tech – Drew
Outreach – Kevin
Wednesday – Tech should have it’s group page
- table -
Next Meeting: Mon/Thur 2pm

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