Minutes: 11/28/11 – Comm Cluster Meeting #2

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Intros of attendees
Awesome quote on occupy from Republican consultant Luntz: http://thinkprogress.org/special/2011/12/01/379365/frank-luntz-occupy-wall-street/
– Merge of Info & ComHub YAY!
Volunteer Database
* please direct any existing lists to Ravi or Christine
* We will bottom line researching a platform, getting consensus on it from stakeholders and getting the data entry done
* We will bottom line training sessions on the selected platform so working groups can manage their own lists themselves
– Groups proposal
– Training Day funding
– Ongoing conversation: overview of each group and how we interact within ComCluster
Proposal for Training Day on Dec 18th (Charles Kletchner) will go to Spokes on Friday
* request for financial support to cover costs of training rooms ($5000 to cover rental, food etc.)
* Unconference model plus working groups can reserve space
* Mvt Bldg has also requested a 6 hour time as part of that
* Get the word out via GAs
Exact Budget
$3000 room rental
$2000 university required costs
* Additional funds will be raised to cover any additional costs
* advice- itemized budget; deal with any questions about providing our own food and security
                transparency as to how space will be allocated
                itemize discount from Pace and equipment we’ll be able to use.
                ensure usage- make sure you have a list of people
Group Proposal (closed at noon Thursday)
Existing groups
Facilitate admin support from Tech ops
ComCluster- improve information and communication between groups
New Groups
Policy around creation of new groups
Concern about being seen as policing
Make footnotes about language that might be internal to OWS
Provide assistance to working groups to update their info
Additions by Christian after Ravi had to leave:
As a point of process the cluster has consensed to move from the first doc to the second as it’s structurally more sound
RE: Affinity groups and the definition of
there is Internal confusion on all eg; caucus; working groups; etc.
Listing all groups but some groups have a flag
All other groups will remain unlabeled
Anyone that’d like to define these terms on the wiki their input is appreciated
RE: Propose the functionality for point system to be implemented
taking out all strikes; save and remove the first version
maintain proposal’s history on the wiki
Re: Presentation to Spokes Council
Kevin and Andrew coordinate printing and proposal to Spokes Council
Kevin will give word to Facilitation at 4 today
Doc will be emailed to them before office closes

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