Minutes 11.30.11

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Housing minutes 11.30.11

Proposed Agenda:

  1. Housing for tonight
  2. Metrocards

–          Josh has been offered lots of warehouses and needs subway cards for the people searching them out

–          Stress the importance  of having metro cards available for people, esp when people were turned away from the 86th church – train is the last resort for sleeping without getting arrested so metro cards should be available

Mike: – Plenty of homeless people who don’t want to put themselves in danger

-a lot of working group people and people on the ground not communicating – need to fix that up

Razer: – going to do a working group focused on homeless occupyers; trying to find out what housing group is doing; thinking of youth hostels; finance says we can’t rent or buy; youth hostels have their own insurance plan – take on liability when we pay for it

-have to have out of state ID with youth hostels but will try to strike a deal

Mina: there were about 60 people displaced last night, was informed by many people that 86th street would be letting people in but then people were turned away


Stacey – 22

Jeff – 10

Mina: was reimbursed for $100 of metrocards, 3 of her friends were arrested for jumping the turnstyles

Julia: propose a Metrocard budget with the GA

Joshua: needs to find people to go check out these warehouses. Wants to propose a picket line if finance doesn’t loosen their policies

Jeff: reportback with 86th church: the list is open but is now being held with housing, call comhub, they will take names and housing with coordinate the waiting list; no one is standing there and telling people who can come in or not; housing will send names to the church so they can have the list; church wants control of the list

Metrocards: it is more than just housing, not want to let comfort taking over metrocards, makes sense for housing needs to take over metrocards

Razer: concerns – none of the people on the streets know the working groups, people on the streets want to create a working group; don’t think what’s been going on is effective; not in touch with what people on the streets really need; consensus of homeless activists on what they need; let’s join these two working groups; need people who need laptops and who are not in survival mode; people outside are trying to deal with the cold; work together cooperately; register as one big awesome working group; “One big awesome working group”; want to work together

Lori: history of this group; in the very beginning, a couple of people just secured the churches and then from there, me and Julia just stepped in to keep the relationships going, and now it’s trying to get more and more people involved like food and comfort; there was a support meeting yesterday where lots of people were living in the park and now see different needs in the churches; medics will be responding in different ways; big awesome working group sounds great;

Jason: we have a lot of work to do, board of directors is really behind us, people who aren’t really good with working with people filled spaces in the church, what’s really going to happen is that people who work well with people are going to start managing the spaces that we’re in; it’s not impossible work; we have some great spaces that are in mind; create a culture that is growth oriented; church people are very much behind helping us bridge that gap; what’s going on after Zuccotti is the warmth and comfort and rich environment that can be the sanctuary of the church; good chance at being at 86th for some time; can’t give a number; depends on culture that we create = how much they let in

Lori: there can be around 100 people there, there were about 60 there last night; doors were open to new people for a while; it’s just been people getting the info out

Kelly: Baxter’s got kicked out because of how community was behaving, housing has to communicate better with other people


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