Minutes 11.29.11

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Housing Meeting 11/29/11


Town Planning Report bank Jeff

St Pauls 86th  community forming. $40 day for church personnel.

They have blankets. Food is coming during week but not weekend

Problem with Verification that food has arrived. Agenda items:


Opollo  – metro cards are not getting where there supposed to be.


Felix – Checking for metro cards and also the Lyceum in Brookly as possible space.


Jill – Putting time bank experiment up

Sparrow comfort – interested in action, wants to work together.


Michael – putting requests for buildings, especially young and queer. Seeking sites.


Stacey – Interest in the National Park


Elaine – Brooklyn space $11 foot,  9,000 square feet of livable square feet.


Julia – Happy we’re here. She’s been alone in ad hoc thing. Would like a housing working group.  Things going on: metro cars, putting together in understandable way long term housing ideas, making housing a group, creating a budget and list of people, and regular meeting times, coordination with kitchen and comfort, list of churches and short term housing. Board of directors are meeting for 86th.


Opollo – individual group working on unofficial locations for people to stay.


Sage – Occupier report back  – would like to set up a system so people can pick up things that fit them and put their name on it.


Emby – St Andrews church, poi on hold for legal connection


Five Agenda items that Jeff sees:

Comfort, metro cards, this evening, housing purpose short and longer term, outdoor camping.  Housing structure group, ad hoc?


Consensus agreed upon.



Julie – Rockaway concerns,  Paul was inappropriate – did a strip search, didn’t allow people to make sandwhich. He will meet with community alliance. Takes about 60 people. Closed tonight.

St Mary’s can only take 20. Riverside


Shana will contact Middle Church, Riverside and St Mary’s. Felix will join in contacting. Question about St Paul on 59th?


Metropolitan church maybe 10, Brooklyn School 25 people maybe.


Jeff metro cards – Comfort/sparrow

Alex part of non-profit – 800 metro cards today.


Workgroups can use office space if we have two point people. Can get a $100 a day


Someone else getting metro cards at 50 Wall


Apollo – Metro cards and food both need comfirmation.


Jeff – POI metro cards isn’t essential for housing .


Money from ows should go through what budget. What working groups. Need to figure that out.  i.e.


Need to define groups – i.e. Homeless youth, people in churches,


Looking for someone to handle metro cards. Security could handle metro cards?

Stacey and Michael will be point person for Metro Cards.


Comfort . We need coordinator to work with comfort.  SIS arbitrary about what people wear.

A person has tried to access SIS and couldn’t get in.


SIS has been told to cut down on people using the space or they will loose the space.


Stacey – suggests housing volunteering at SIS  and get needs met for Housing. WG can fill out a form for what they need.


Structure- what should housing be responsible for?

Urgent we find space- probably rented.

Overcome ideologies concerning renting.

Obtain short and long term housing permanent fixed – owned.

People will give us money if we need it.

Point this group serves as ad hoc.

This group could take the lead in addressing housing issues.

Coordination with working groups.

Some people have health problems.

TImebank could be tool for working group coordination.

Someone doesn’t believe in renting.

50 Broadway is donated.

How do we vet people for housing?

Put hours in

I don’t’ think we can make decisions.


Julia proposes:


Housing Group Functions/Responsibilities

1. Finding short-term housing.

2. Coordinate serving occupants needs.

3. Coordinate long term housing efforts.


When we meet?

Have a full meeting.  Sunday at 12 noon.  Coordinators meeting/ Scrum 3:30 for 15 minutes to ½ hour? Atrium 60 Wall St.



Scrum meeting quick 15 minutes on specific issues to communicate to comhub.


Set up celly for our group.


What do we need to communicate to working groups.

How many people? Security?




Thursday morning at 11:00 checking out new place in Brooklyn with Elaine.


Emby interested in helping with Time Bank



We will bring proposals to G.A.




Concern – Options rent or squat. Even lease.

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