minutes 1.24.2012

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Capturing peoples gifting and donated time at Churches for Alternative Currency, Time Bank and other projects.

Several People at the meeting including Raven, Jay, Jeanie, Ryan and others.

Ryan commented about a project that he was involved in and
endorsed regarding the spreadsheets. These were designed to assist the
church capture the amount of work being contributed by OWS members
during the day to keep all the aspects of the church up and running.
Many of these tasks are really unpleasant such as cleaning toilets,
many people agreed that the kind people who chose to assist with these
types of tasks should receive additional “rewards”. I am sorry that
your memory or your concern Ryan for the community you live with is so
short sighted, think back and perhaps you can recall our number of
discussions regarding this subject, and the spreadsheets being the
most egalitarian way to capture these work relations.

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