Minutes 01-11-12

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Minutes: Occupy Farms meeting 01-11-12


Anyone interested in an apartment for $100/week for members of Occupy Farms? We’re thinking either in Staten Island or Brooklyn. Email Zoealif@gmail.com if you’re interested

The Bushwick farm’s wood shop is looking for volunteers – they are making greenhouses and plant beds. email ob4ndo@gmail or call 718-801-2035 if your interested in a volunteer work day


Report backs and miscellaneous points

Met with Paula Segal (who helped write NYCLU letters to Brookfield that got the barricades removed). She’s into urban gardening and we got some good ideas and legal advice from her

Receipts for food will only be refunded if it is for a trip (and possibly if it was planned in advance to have food at a meeting)

There will be no trips up to the farm until the liability form is sorted out. If you are interested in going please post on the list serve http://groups.google.com/group/occupy-farms?hl=en

We have two people from kitchen working on getting boxes of food to send up to the farm on the next trip. We should try to get people from kitchen up to the farm, their experience cooking for large numbers is valuable

There is a 1600 sq foot rooftop garden starting out. Anyone interested in volunteering should email Winnie at owssustainability@gmail

Planning to form an affinity group to discuss goals and action of urban farming. Possibility of developing a separate website for Occupy Farms’ urban farming efforts in NYC

Info Hub is trying to get point person from every working group involved in Info Hub to help inter-occupation organization.

      -Hunter will be point person.

      -Their meetings are Thursdays at 6pm at the Occupied Office if anyone else wants to go.


OSGATA local farmers association is suing monsanto

– FoodJustice reports that they have requested us NOT to organize a rally around it. Monsanto plans to ignore their complaints, so they want to be very careful to have their voices herd.They want our support but no rally.

– There are plans to livestream interviews from farmers coming out of court.

Permabank is doing really cool things with non-monetary economies occupy.net, wiki, permabank.ep.io if your interested.


Rich, Michelle, and Johanna elected as new point people for finance


Urban Farming


Sustainability and FoodJustice are already working on urban farming, we plan to plug our efforts in with theirs.

      – Cluster meeting for all environmental greening efforts on Jan 28th tentative location – 60 Wall St

      – The plan is to have cluster meetings like this every 2-3 weeks to coordinate

We need physical space for urban farming.

It’s important to focus out efforts in the Bronx and Queens and Staten Island are important focuses Brooklyn has better coverage 596acres.org is doing great work.

Food justice has already scouted areas. Their meetings are at 7:00 on Fridays at 60 Wall St. Their email is OWSfood@gmail.com

Concern raised that we avoid coming into communities, taking over public space and assuming we know what should be done with it. There are already greening efforts by communities in public spaces. We should help them by taking over private property and abandoned buildings

The planters in Zuccotti are a great place to start. This is our community

Someone is trying to get in contact with a woman that had public garden that was bought out in Manhattan

We need someone with soil testing capabilities!

Small lots don’t attract attention. We’ll have a better chance of getting our goals accomplished if we work small


-Local businesses and OWS waste

– Milo has plant material source

– There are sites that compost raw material, and then give finished compost away. We can donate our raw material there

-Brooklyn botanic garden gives away compost and worms

We should be reaching out to native american communities, it was their land first


Breakout groups to brainstorm for Occupy Farms’ Mission statement
Group 1:

Bring control of food to people

Grow food for the movement
•mass chicken tractors
Build the landbase through wildcrafting
Do educational outreach to inform the public about
•GMOs and seed patents
•small scale kitchen gardening
•promoting seed saving
•teaching about cooking and food storage / canning
•introducing survival skills
•food security
Help encourage participation in urban gardening,
specific outreach to native american communities
and to assist communities (Hunts Point) in the transition to sustainability and self sufficiency
connecting communities in NYC to the rural environment
help people get their hands dirty
Group 2:
Group 3:

urban farming

people trying to start gardens in bronx and queens

food not bombs – feeding people who need food with urban gardening

a farm on EVERY block in NYC

communities should have specialization on blocks and then have local trading

guerrilla gardening – fruit trees

take back the land

Getting people back in touch with where their food comes from

Waste management systems – locally generating compost – drop off points, collections points for compost


stay conscious of communities- support THEM before us

teaching! Skill shares

beautification beyond greening – art


*** Sorry everyone there are two more lists of brainstorming that didn’t make it back to the minutes after the meeting***



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