Minutes – Translation Working Group – 11.6.11

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  • General sense of confusion of what needs to be translated
    • OWS Journals (OWSJ)
    • Pamphlets & flyers
  • Nona suggests that each language coordinator create a Google Xcel document listing all available content to be translated.  This way, people can sign up for articles to translate and edit.


  • Patricia says that we need to prioritize what we are translating
  • Suggestion that we pick a weekly meeting day and time
  • Should we separate the group into “Translation” and “Outreach”?
  • Nona says OWSJ is interested in each language group taking on articles that would be of interest to speakers of that language.
  • We need to establish a system/ protocol on what needs to be translated.
  • Proposal that we meet at Whole Foods in Tribeca
  • Does each group have autonomy to decide what they want to translate?
  • Group creates a flow chart for #1 – New People Joining Chart and #2 – Request for Document Translation Chart:
  • New person wants to join chart:
    • Inquiry Form to be placed on translation.nycaga.net
    • Person interested fills out this form
    • Sent form is automatically forwarded to ows.translation@gmail.com
    • Folks who are checking the ows.translation@gmail.comaccount:
      • Send to point people for appropriate language group
        • Docs are assigned/ taken (OWSJ Articles)
        • 1 person translates & 2 people edit
        • Document gets uploaded to GA website


  • Request for documents to be translatedchart:
    • Requests are sent to ows.translation@gmail.com
    • Folks who are checking the ows.translation@gmail.comwill respond
      • Maybe we will have a people rotating to be responsible for taking charge of answering inquiries.
      • If more than one person is checking the email, we can utilize the labels feature in Gmail.
      • Requests are sent to appropriate language group point person


  • Patricia suggests that we create a “How to Sheet” with our protocols so that when people leave our group, it is easy to pass on responsibilities.

Things we still need to discuss:

ü  Responding to the original request

ü  Archiving the translation

ü  Posting on the blog– process has been started others need to learn. check out translation.nycga.net

ü  Ryan will email the Archive Working Group to find out how we can archive documents

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