Minutes – Empowerment and Education Working Group Meeting – 12/9/11 – 60 Wall St.

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OWS E&E meeting
Friday 12/9/2011


Student debt subcommittee:
The subcommittee has been split into various sub-subcommittees to
carry out different initiatives
The tech group has created a youtube channel where people will upload
their personal videos on their pledges
A link will be added to the web page (blog) and various pieces written
by well-known authors will be uploaded (?)
A Flicker page has been activated
Work on the video (?) has advanced
Out-reach initiative to reach out to colleges across the country to
help other GA’s organize their teach-ins, solidarity actions, etc.
Much help is needed to connect with students involved in debt actions
In cooperation wit the Open Forum, work is reported on the initiative
to have a week on debt in mid February
A student debt calculator online for when the debt hit the $1 trillion
mark to trigger actions
Country-wide actions of solidarity and civil disobedience involving
Sally Mae in March
Initiative to get an article on debt in the OWSJ

Nomadic university:
Amazing discussions and ideas, no concrete actions yet; proposals on
how to roll out the university are being pondered
A teacher training program to help teachers adopt more horizontal type
of interaction
An array of classes incorporating the OWS perspective (e.g. a
political economy component)
A day of inquiry is being proposed
Classes on alternative economics, alternative music, etc. — emphasis
on alternative
A proposal to conduct walking tours to places that are meaningful in
the history of OWS, as an educational tool
Classes will begin in a few months
There are already some experimental classes being conducted at the
Trump Tower, using the horizontal approach, Thursdays at 8:30pm. For
more on this, email xxx@xxx.
A class (?) is scheduled tomorrow at 2pm at the Trump Tower, with 590
Madison Ave as a backup place
There is an attempt to mix and match several proposals
It was noted that public space should be favored, since there’s a good
vibe or spirit when classes are conducted in public spaces
Discussion on either compiling maps and databases of public spaces
with details (e.g. business hours, available facilities, etc.) or
accessing existing ones (e.g. at nyc.gov).
Initiative to create an Excel file an input the information on walking tours
Proposal to combine forces and share info with Open Forum
It was reported that the think tank is active and engaged with
evidence of activity online as well

The following agenda as approved for the remainder of the meeting:

1. Occupy Homes
2. Spokes
3. GAs
4. Announcements

1. Occupy homes: No report.  Second-hand information that the actions
were great (videos online and a piece in the Guardian) and that there
was a good turnout

2. Spokes: Nobody attended

3. GAs:  Due to holidays and final semester crush, the GA has thinned
out: a small one was reported, with no need for people’s mic
Miscellaneous: A proposal was made to keep the information about the
meetings on the web site, google group, and calendar online up to
date.  Those with administrative rights at nycga will take care of
An email was reported that the upcoming Spokes meeting will be
replaced with a meeting on organizing through a racial justice
A proposal was made to look up other groups with activities related to
education and connect with them
A proposal was made to connect with Occupy the DOE, who are active,
engaging with UFT, meet on Sundays at 2pm, and have a google group.
The proposal for a read-in in protest for the destruction of the
people’s library (at Time Square, Liberty Square, or Grand Central) on
12/17/2011 was extensively discussed. OWS signs will be brought,
leaflets to distribute.  Coordination with Direct Action will be

4. Announcement: In solidarity with OWS, the Union for Radical
Political Economics (URPE, http://urpe.org) will hold its “Political
Economy of the 99%: Today and Tomorrow” summer conference on August
10-13, 2012  in High Falls, NY.  URPE will cover a large chunk of
costs for those involved in the OWS movement.  URPE welcomes input
from OWS activists regarding topics, panel formation, conference
organization, and pretty much everything.

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