Minutes – Empowerment and Education Working Group Meeting – 10/21/11 – 60 Wall St.

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Facilitator/Notes: Babak/Sully

Hey everyone, thanks for being patient with the new meeting structure. I
know this is ad hoc but I’ll work with the 2 facilitators running the next
meeting with the upcoming agenda. Likewise one individual from next Friday
will help 2 new folks for the following week’s agenda and meeting.

I’m going to list the things we absolutely need from all of you before next
Friday’s meeting. We have a lot of ongoing complex projects that should be
known of before we come to the meeting, so please send updates early and
read the meeting agenda before the meeting. Hopefully this will help to
synthesize feedback to focused discussion points.

Things to do asap:

Please email the EE googlegroup contact info for your 2-3 SC (subcommittee)
delegates, your SC objectives, your next meeting place/time. No rush if you
are still in the ‘exploratory/merging’ process of speaking with other SC’s
but please have it by next Thursday.

Email Lauren a description of your SC purpose, contact email, and meeting
place/time so that it may be on the nycga website. laurendapfr@gmail.com

All SC’s should email me by Thursday with updates / announcements (agreed
upon by all SC members)

All individuals proposing a new SC should write a brief statement of purpose
and why it fits with the EE WG (ed/emp work group) Email the proposal so I
can put you on the agenda.

Next meeting is Friday 8:30pm in 60 wall st, Atrium. We will get a
facilitation trainer from the Facilitation WG to provide a training for new
members at 7:30pm. Please come to this if you want to lead meetings and
understand the meeting rules. This facilitator will also work with one of
our own people (Alejandro has volunteered) to facilitate the next meeting.

If you have a new subcommittee idea, email the facilitator of the week
(which is me this week) to put it on the agenda. If you want to get
feedback, email me Babak @ bkarim@gmail.com and we’ll get some EE folks
to work on the idea with you.

Okay here’s the revised structure and meeting minutes:


Every subcommittee has 2-3 spokespersons [Please provide contact info for
your 2-3 SC delegates] who will attend the weekly E&E meeting relaying
weekly announcements, new initiatives, logistical coordination between other
subcommittees, reach consensus on issues affecting the entire WG (working

These spokespersons will be rotating every 3 weeks? (To be decided upon in
next meeting)

Individuals from the subcommittees can add on to whatever the spokes missed
or incorrectly described

For decision-making, everyone can participate in that discussion

All SC will email the facilitator from the prior week’s meeting with
updates, announcements, proposals, discussion points absolutely necessary
for the entire EE WG to discuss. This should be done by Thursday so ideally
everyone can walk into the meeting having read the agenda.

Meeting broken into 2 sections

1st part: One spokesperson from each subcommittee updates the group with
announcements, new initatives, new initiatives that may require
collaboration between subcommittees. If they miss anything, other SC
individuals can make additions. (2-3 min per group). Ideally everyone will
have read these agenda points during the day so more time is available for

2nd part: The “New Projects SC” will give the floor to individuals proposing
new SC’s and receive feedback from attendees. After this is done, the rest
of the meeting will be dedicated to a more open discussion on inter-SC
logistical planning.

EE WG all agreed to this structure and meeting continued to SC report backs.

o    Logistics – issue of location, desperate need to find locations close
by to identify locations, started a googledocs to list locations. Please
contact them to identify locations

o    Open Forum – about big ideas, not specific causes. Self-organized
invitation/hosting process. Working on livestream connection, video
archiving on web.

o    Movement Strategy – draw in intellectuals/activists to speak on what
has worked, what is different now and how we can make our actions more
successful. Tying into DA committee. November is month of international
general strikes – planning teach-ins on opting out of the system.

o    Think Tank – collecting data / ideas from the people via discussion in
the plaza, working group outreach, comment box, and outreach to outside
community groups. Working toward collating info together into possible
policy outlines based on people’s research and diverse data gathering.

o    Nomadic University – create a program that takes education outside of
traditional academic environments to make it more accessible. Meeting at
3:30 on sat – 66 West 12th, 6th floor.

New subcommittee proposals

o    Book project – we’ve been approached by a publisher to produce
something from within the occupation. This group would develop a plan for
whether to do this and, if so, what’s the best collaborate on it. Seems like
the plan is to be a snapshot and be a compilation of many different voices.
A lot of questions about the timing and execution. Amended to be more
exploratory. Consensus!

o    Praxis – collaborative reading/writing project on philosophy/theory
related to “present situation” and practical strategies developed from that

o    Pedagogy/Curriculum – materials for teachers k-12 to teach about the


o    Occupy Wash Square Park – lot of great educational projects going on
there. A lot of space for more. Please schedule more events there.

o    Performance Guild – based on theater of the oppressed. Maybe a new
group. They’ll workshop it in New Projects.

o    Journal project – In early planning stages. They’ll keep workshopping

o    We will NOT be meeting Tuesday. Next WG meeting on Fri 8:30 (We will
talk about best time to meet going forward)

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