Minute V&G April 17th

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V&G Minutes




Meeting convened at 6:10 pm


In attendance:











Facilitation for next meeting – Djorje



A 3 day festival – no technology – Woodstock – 1

Value-Based Consensus/Purpose – 2

Objectives from the current V.S – 3


Item 1


Djorje suggested that Felicia speak to DA,  and there is an Occupy album, there is a lot of music in Occupy.

Tony – said to go to P.R. WG

Lisa suggested WGs and to become a part of community and give yourself a lot of time.


Item 2


Djorje explained what VBC is.

Lisa thinks we should do it at least twice to get more participation.  What is our purpose?

Djorje –  we are describing the world we want and how to get there

Felicia – purpose = organizing ideas into a accessible doc – 

values = accessibility, organization


Tony – establish a path to get to the end point.  Vision = end point  Goals = the way we get to endpoint.

Lisa –

Djorje –  purpose =  to define the nature of the world we want to live in and how we want to get there.

values = open inquiry


open paradigm for optimal solutions for OWS and the world

positive idea flow




Lisa  – purpose = V&G is an inquiry, conversation, and action as an archive of thought.








Informational blather:

Naz – finds it confusing because the goals are so different within the community – how can we get one statement?

Tony – we must go to the GA with an open mind but lead them to work together – not ask.

Tony – academics are so corporatized  –  best to find someone who is outside the system, not attached – no one can be an individual

Jordan – community art is the same all art must be in the system already

Lisa – national gallery – trustees who decide what art America see because they have money

Tony – Disciplined Minds – a book to read

Lisa – everything in the world is polluted by rich dudes making money – everything


Djorje – everything points to profit – as V&G we can have this conversation within OWS

Tony – it’s easy to get rid of that – all companies can be worker-owned

Tony – governments are in place for control.  U.S. does it by food supply – the energy source.

Cynthia – they took control of Jamaica through the food – rice.

Tony – don’t patent life – this changed under Reagan

Tony – the system controls everything – manipulate to think they are helping you – they say unemployment is a handout – not true – you and employer pay for it – it is your money

Cynthia – self-sufficiency is the enemy of the system

Tony – at Zuccotti the bikes were a threat – then we were evicted 1 week after the bikes got there

TV, media, gaming are distractions from the corrupt system.

We could make an Occupy Video Game – using a community, skill shares – get  points for it.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50

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