Minute for Vision and Goals Working Group 2/16/12

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V &G Minutes 2/16/12

60 Wall Street


Meeting Convened at 5:45

100% Quorum


In Attendence:

Lisa – Minutes

Patrick – Stack, Time

Michael – Facilitator












Report Back – Patrick tried to get us on at the GA but couldn’t so he arranged to have us have a Listening Session.


Patrick – will be Facilitator on Sunday


Agenda Items:

  • Asking GA for full vetting
  • Patrick step back
  • Teach In
  • Asking GA if they want a V. S


The group decided to begin with the Teach In/ Listening Session.



  • Itzak – asks if we are ready to do a teach in today
  • Patrick – we should not disappear from the GA so long -stay close
  • Marie – not a good idea so close – we are there too often
  • Jean – should be about what goals are and what a Vision is
  • Michael – we should appeal to GA again to get consensus
  • Itzak – disagree w/ Michael – should have one person talk to them
  • Lisa – other options – Occupy.net is a work stream – everyone from GA can work on it
  • Jean – Asks what we are doing – teach in or consensus?
  • Michael – another shorter V.S. online
  • Patrick – great topic – should we move it to Sat?  No to consensus – less rigid is better –  have copies available
  • Itzak –  giving GA a choice for the V.S. – let them decide everything
  • Jean – Feels Teach In – build community
  • Lisa – go to GA for T.I. w/o agenda
  • Michael – wants to go for consensus and move on to the goals
  • Marie – let go of anger we are all the same


Temp Check – twinkle down for Teach In tonight – we won’t do it tonight

  • Itzak – we should make it simple – with one statement
  • Michael –  go to GA – we are trying to find common ground for statement  to show the world
  • Marie – let’s just talk at the GA  – it must be different – the GA has to feel that we are on same page
  • Marco – anger brought us together  – now anger is inward – re-channel anger – find unity
  • Michael – go to GA – we are trying to find common ground for statement  to show the world
  • Patrick – make the next session teach in – we should not fade away – do teach in – should be taught out – things we feel in common – how did we get this way? – how do we want to present? one person?
  • Itzak –  it’s not a problem of people – some disruptors want to destroy OWS
  • Bill – describes his personal experiences – finds there is no humanity – this will take time – it is a long process


Temp Check for Sat. night –  we will do a Teach In/Listening

  • Jean –  How are we doing this?
  • Lisa – feels it must be a Listening Session, not Teach In
  • Itzak – we must organize this
  • Lynn – Clarify what we are talking about
  • Michael – suggests go over each bullet points – making his case – really talk
  • Marco – the group can show that this statement is very similar to the OWS docs
  • Jean – doesn’t think this will be any different than other GA’s – what do we want to say – must clarify  – is it V or G?
  • Jean – must be listening – build community – not consensus
  • Patrick – must talk about respect, trust – talked to some ind. members and built trust
  • Itzak – make it a conversation – looking for a breakthrough – suggest that they can divide up for convo.
  • Lynn – she came to the meeting to say that she was blown away by the V. S. and to keep going
  • Marie – another positive affirmation


We have decided that it will  be a Listening Session – not a Teach In


Michael wants to know if we want to show document

All take 30 secs to voice about this



  • Lisa – it will be both a L.S but use it to teach by inspiration – by listening
  • Itzak – be prepared by how many people will start talking about all of the points on the doc
  • Jochen – we need something like a board so the GA can see it – not a paper
  • Patrick – teach a little – history – it is really a unity exercise – education for first 5 min.
  • Michael – go to GA – we are trying to find common ground for statement  to show the world
  • Lisa – we need a sense of detatchment
  • Marie – we are acting against what we are saying
  • Patrick – we are failing because be are shoving it down the GA’s throat – the men do – the women – more trust
  • Itzak – it really is about relating
  • Jochen – ask them what’s missing
  • Michael – agrees with Jochen
  • Patrick – change gears – put women in charge
  • it is agreed -women are in charge – the group will brief with the women
  • Patrick suggests that the team make themselves available
  • Jean – same
  • Jochen – same
  • Michael – same
  • Itzak – same
  • Jochen – suggests we use a board – then document when it’s over
  • Bill asks if Jochen has an idea of how to show history since he was there at the beginning when it was a blue print
  • Lisa has POI – work stream on occupy.net will do that – all work is there to see and accessible to all OWS
  • Marie has concerns about Sat is too soon  – there are other women in group

The women are going to the GA on Saturday and do the Listening Session.


Informal discussion on Agenda item about Patrick stepping back:

Patrick wanted to know what we felt about his stepping back – let others admin – he is not comfortable with his tendency to lead.  Others felt that he should not step back until we have completed the V.S. – he is really effective – but his choice.  Many felt that he should change the way he approaches the GA – must be stronger, more upbeat.  Michael said the convo was very helpful.


Meeting Adjourned at 9:30 – ish


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