Minute for Vision and Goals Working Group 1/15/12

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Minutes for the V&G Meeting for 1/15/12

Attendees: Frank, Patrick, Michael H., Lisa, Rebecca, Jack, Eddie, Paul, Sati, Michael K., Rich, Sumumba, Itzhak

12:30PM – Meeting adjourned  Michael H (facilitator) Paul (stack taker) Eddie (minutes Michael K. (time keeper)
Michael K. picked as facilitator for next meeting.
Report Backs: Patrick read latest version at Spokes Council. Attended GA last night: need like 3 more people to attend in the future.Feedback sheets back from the GA (drafts & notes)
Agenda Item: Worked on feedback from GA. Not enough input about indigenous peoples…in addition some Discussion about placing ‘equitably’ under the Justice section.
12:40PM – Itzhak: Is enslavement relevant today? Real slavery vs. economic slavery. After discussion, all agree to leave draft as is.
12:45PM -Decide to go thru additional sheets received from the GA.
Lisa: Can Fairness be included in Equality?
Jack: What is a vision what is a goal?
Michael: Vision -template would be what we want the world to look like. Goal – How make these things happen in real world. 3. Strategy
Patrick – Maybe do goals at the same time as vision?
Frank – How does it eventually get out to the public?
Michael – Read it in public places, hand it out.
12:56PM – From feedback: ‘Vision’ – wealth should be at our disposal of control of commons for improvement of or quality of life.
Sati: Need economic democracy, not just political democracy.
Patrick: incorporate elements into “People Before Profit” section?
Lisa: Include part in the “Fairness” paragraph.
Jack: Don’t agree…with the redistribution formula but thinks that the “more” having more power is inequitable.
1:08PM – Itzhak: New section for “Commons”?
Rebecca: Highlight the idea of “individual and human needs should be added to draft.
Patrick: How to specifically change these things? Thinks it should be added to the “People before Profit” section.
Sati: Possibly put in the preamble? Let’s think about it.
Michael: Proposal: Will start topic in the V&G forums sections for two item. One for postings for ideas for a new section on “The Commons” and the other attempting to add the term and the substance of what  ‘inequality’ means and how to fit it into the “People Before Profit” section.
Itzhak: Let’s put this on the site for those to place feedback on.
Discussion on “The Commons” is tabled till we gather more input from outside the committee.
12:40PM – Frank: What about audio recording the meetings for people who can’t be there.
Lisa – We already record minutes.
Move on to next feedback question:
Change from “We must live this new world in our hearts and build it with our hands. Scratch hands, insert “deeds”.
Jack: There is also a suggestion to remove “must” from the sentence as well. Commitment vs. asking permission.
Rebecca: “Hands” might be leaving out people without hands….ableism. Change from ‘hands’ to ‘commit to’ from ‘must’
Jack: Is being too inclusive reducing strength of language?  We vote on change to the beginning of the line “We must live this new world…”
(1)Must live (5) Commit to Live (3) Will (8) Affirm Our Commitment to Shall (0)  2nd Vote: (4) Commit to Live (4) Live (5) Affirm Our Commitment to
Will add ‘affirm our commitment to’ that sentence.
2nd part of sentence: Voted on the following choices: (1) omit: “and build it with our hands” (4)hands (3) deeds (3)acts (4) (0) hands and tools (0) hands and deeds (4) Make it a reality.  2nd Vote: Top three from 1st round: (2) deeds (4) tools (5) make it a reality
Final Change: “We affirm our commitment to live this new world in our hearts and make it a reality”
Next feedback item: Remove ‘truly’ from the line – We envision a truly, free, democratic, and just society, built on the following principles.
Eddie: Discussion on this topic and then it came to a vote between: 1. Truly 2. Fully 3. Omit ‘truly’
1st vote: (6) truly (4) fully (2) omit ‘truly  2nd Vote: (6) truly (5) fully – Therefore, “truly” remains in the document.
Argument breaks out over the process and meeting breaks up over this. Around 3:15PM

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