Minuets for 1-3-12

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Do we have any items for this meetings agenda?

What we have done over our two week break as far as reaching out to schools

Bronx LAB on February 3

Speakers -Fieldston

Urban Word


Report back for what we did over our break.

I went to Reel Works Teen Film Making to do our first outreach, we had a very low turn out I think it could have gone better if we would have waited until after the holiday break but we have been invited to come back all we have to do is reach out I would like to wait until we have done a few in school outreaches and come back when wer have got a tight program.


I went to the Eastside staff holiday party they seemed very into to it I just have to call the principal now that school has started back again. I think I was also hearing from everyone that they wanted us to wait until regents is over.


Yes I agree with that I feel like we should be trying to disrupt their preparations for their test no matter how much we agree with them or not


Yes we would also have to be doing it this week and next week which dosent make sense.


I plan on reaching out to Urban Word I also got an email from speakers group introducing us to Fieldston connecting us to Principal Lorenzo for an engagement at the end of January.


Bronx LAB wants us to come on FEB. 3  and do an outreach to their seniors and have four separate choices with 20 min. each 5 of speaking 15 of Q&A then switch so they will get two sessions in the groups they want all 1)Stop & Frisk 2) School to Prison Pipeline 3) Student Loan Justice  4) Direct Democracy .


We need to reach out to POC and Stop and Frisk to see if we can get people to come to theses engagements we also have to start creating a database of people who just want to go to  do outreach


yes we also need to do some training before we just send them out.


I can reach out to stop and frisk to see who is interested


I will go to POC and Education and empowerment which I think is a sub group of POC and thats the plan at least to get speakers for Feb.3.


I think we are almost done I just want to say we need to do more recruitment so we can meet the working group requirements  and also we have to be good about keeping min.


Agreed i want us to be really offical


so we will be here same time next week and J. will give us his updates from the break


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