Minuets for 1-18-11

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Occupy the youth

Location  60 Wall street at 6pm

Members in Attendance 5






Faclitator : Negesti


Bronx Lab Seniors Outreach February 3rd

Fieldston Meeting on 1-25-12

Update from Jeff

Space for students to meet

a call for any other agenda items?

none were brought

Feb. 3 bronx lab

We are going to have three seminars at 12:30 with their seniors each section is going to be 20 minuets and the students are going to be able to attend two  seminars each. We need people to reach out to theses groups to make sure we have people to bottom line teaching these classes. Who would like to do the out reach before the next weeks meeting .
stop and frisk- Anothny is going to talk to people from stop and frisk

school to prison pipeline- Negesti is to reach out to POC to see if they can point us in the right direction for this

student loan-Jeff is going to do out reach to this group

Direct Democracy – Negeesti is going to teach this class

We need to have people by our next meeting so we can work with them before the engagement because they may not be prepared to speak to these kids.


So next week one member of our working group has been invited to attend a meeting with the dean of students at Fieldston High School to talk about possible out reach and building with their students. I (Negesti) RSVP’d to go but its at the same time as our weekly meeting I would love to schedule a conference call latter in the week instead of having a meeting next week so I can do a report back and we can have a little more time to prepare for Bronx lab which will be the week after. Can I test for consensus looks good are their any blocks no We have reached consensus ! I will set up a call for sometime next week.

Jeff’s Update

Grand Street Campus- is Still On hold and TBD

NIA started “The Future ” wends  and Friday’s  until April and Jeff will bring curriculum so we can upload it to the BLOG and use it for newer outreach.

Mathew was unable to be here but he called  Negesti and this is his update

eastside community high school  tbd week after or 2 weeks after Bronx LAB

occupy D.O.E.- (Which includes several teachers)will be very interested in working with us after we have visited a few more schools which can be a great networking tool and way to get into schools we don’t have connections with.

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