Messy 2nd meeting minutes of the Timebank Dec. 22nd 2011, inc. 1rst Olatunji Farm meeting

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Jill, Jordan, Leia, Jason Sinopoli,  Stan,  Iyafin ( or Queen Mother) Iya 718 756 8435,  Amy Bush Olatunji Shirley Chesney –  212 595 0371


Eveline Human Rights Admin


Jason visiting talked about other timebanks. How they provoked USA Timebank to go drupal.

Did many hours for Tiny Timebank which is ceased. Would like to see hours tranferable.


Would really like to be open source between all timebanks so people could use their hours elsewhere.

Rails programming


Discussed relationship to the Office


Eflux artists space and presenters using Timebank


Open Source  OS Currency   – Rails or ruby on rails language


Stan introduced us to

Who has a 1.7 acre farm

5953? 5359 north elm ave millerton NY  12422, 1.7 acres with two brooks on back and side,  Wakeman House


Has three places she wants to make into intentional community. Another in Alabama 10 acres gee’s bend quilters


It was  rich white boys clubhouse for a decade they promised



  1. Goes to bed at 10:00 p.m. Curfew
  2. No drugs,
  3. The more people the less work
  4. No back biting
  5. Shared bathrooms assigned
  6. Community space clear
  7. People go through key person
  8. People will eat together
  9. People will do housekeeping


Has elect

Bill Henry world server  – 845 214 0924 if you want the key or how  to

Someone didn’t pay the light bill.


She pays taxes. She sends him the check.

GFJI growing food justice initiative




The wife of famous drummer Babatunde Olatunji

Spike Lee grew up in her house

All kinds of people going back and forth between NYC and the farm


When her husband died


NCAAA National association for Afro American she’s the last founding member.

Elma Lewis genius award


LIvestream already went and saw the place


Lot of work in winter


Need a lawyer – not to own the land but


Renovation  include micro business


Phase 1 – research

Phase 2 – planning project managmement

Phase 3 – construction/farming




Architech – Gayle Swithinback

Cindy from food know her





TIDES spoons of OMG 501c3 will provide $ for coops.


Evelyn – So far OWS is not meeting core needs of people.

I sforming little cells.


Stan – She came to him because he works in housing. He knows how to collect info.

Ariel OMG intest primarily in space.


Cindy Young has been there. Ola doesn’t like people to speak for her.


Jason – micro lending women don’t default on loans



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