Messy 1rst meeting minutes

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Talked about the business relationship with Timebanks USA.

We talked about the  Timebank and the office and organization efforts to develop a project management income generating plan.


Future plans to do trainings. Looked at the site and played with the technology a bit.


Talk with Stephan Webber –Suggest applied terms of use. OMG  – Occupy money  working with ethical support group guidlines for affinty groups that can raise their own funds. accounting, benefits, enfocement, ertification,  ben wall 718 448 6486 and Jerry, shen tong, danny goldberg, tweezer man.


Hall powell org elder. outreach developed occupy your block,

Suggested Timebank working group trainings.

Legal protection for serving Housing needs – Accepted terms of use.Florindo’s version:

The meeting began with you showing us the Time Bank USA site and

explaining that their default program is free, but that they could tailor

it for us for about $6,000.


Jordan and I thought that sounded like a good idea, even though somebody

else’s name came up who didn’t like the idea of the $6,000.


Jordan suggested we sell Time Bank USA on the idea of developing the

product with us for our unique, large scale applications, free of charge

and with technical support.


We all thought that sounded like a great idea, because Time Bank USA would

benefit as much from association with us as we would with them (and vice



Then the issue of getting the broad consensus from the Community through

the GA came up, especially if we wanted to try to have the program adopted

uniformly, throughout OWS.


Everybody thought that might be difficult, because some members may not

want to associate OWS with any corporation or outside program that they’re

going to have to apply to their working group or spokes or whatever.


So, we seemed to conclude with the idea that we should start and

“experiment” with TBUSA, to see if we can implement the program with a

couple of the simpler, more obvious working groups.  This would give us a

start, and we could learn the plusses and minuses of the implementation

process before we tried mass proliferation through the movement.


Meanwhile, before the next meeting we were going to think about key groups

for the start-up:  Housing, Accounting maybe ….


How’s that?




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