Meeting overview 2/5/12

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Today’s meeting was not a typical meeting, so I don’t have typical
minutes.  I showed up at the atrium about 20 minutes late and didn’t
find anyone there.  After waiting around for a while, I eventually
joined the Safer Spaces meeting, which was really interesting!  Amelia
later joined this meeting as well.   They’re very organized and
focused and seem to have too much on their plate – much of which
intersects with the plans and goals of WOW.  They all uptwinkled
suggestions of working together on some projects, including the
upcoming Town Square event this Saturday.  Some of the issues that
intersect with us are:  coming up with a community agreement (who are
we and why are we here?), coming up with a plan for dealing with
grievances, developing educational events/materials/workshops on
gender oppression and learning/teaching ways for individuals to create
safe/non-oppressive spaces for themselves in any setting, whether at
OWS events, at work, at home, or in public spaces.

One suggestion that was brought up at this meeting that I thought was
particularly important was the need to regularly outreach with other
groups, such as POC, LGBTIQA2Z Caucus, Translation, OWS en Espanol,
etc. before taking proposals to SC or GA.  Many of these groups are
working on similar issues, and we could all benefit from each others’
input.  This way we could improve the chances of proposals passing as
we grow and learn from each others’ experiences, which I think is one
of the primary goals of OWS.  I know we have done this with some of
our statements, but we might need to be more proactive in getting
input.  This might mean going to other groups’ meetings rather than
waiting for someone from these groups to come to us.

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