11/4/11 Media Meeting Notes

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Media Meeting Thursday 11/4 5pm

Shen from Organization will assist with first part of facilitation and Fix will take over

Report backs

Sherman – camera and gear stolen

* Streaming – Lorenzo

Stream up yesterday from 10:30-11am

– Big discussion with moderators to get things more open and less hierarchical


*  Dave from photography

– New WG proposal

– Budget will be combined with media and ready by Saturday



Update on Belafonte

– We shot a piece on the veterans and are cutting



– Toshy from mediation attended the meeting and offered her services to mediate the concerns related to live stream teams – budget, transparency, accountability (GA principles observed), security, donations, etc. She offered to assist in mediating between concerned parties and potentially finding a workable solution. A meeting for 2pm tomorrow was proposed and all involved parties said they will attend. The location will be updated by Fix tomorrow via globalrev e-mail after Toshy finds a space.



* Budget

– How to utilize the per diem

– Plan to update items and repost

– Bring budget to next meeting

– Dave will coordinate bringing budget to WG.

– Lost/stolen: Thorin said we should talk about it now so the group decided to spend a few minutes.

+ Renee expressed concern that she wants to move on this item as individuals are sharing their personal items and helping the movement and want to get results.

+ Josh proposed that individuals bring their concerns on an individual basis.

+ Fix asked that if the group wants to organize this then someone whose gear was affected should consider taking point.

+ Kelly raised the issue that the drummers struggled with the same issue and suggested we avoid prioritizing media equip w/ sleeping bag.

+ Renee clarified that she didn’t mean to in

+ Victoria clarified that finance makes opinion about if items get approved but it needs to be brought to Spoke’s

+ Pete expressed that we define what lost stolen items is. Receipts, police


* Meeting times/dates

– Renee – t th 5 Sat @ 10 Mon @ 11

– Thorin m, w, f @ 10 – late sun

– t th sat. @ 10 – mon email for week activities

– Peter suggested evening meetings due to light

– Fix summarized that group is indicating  2-3 meetings a week, two on weekdays, one iin the evening and one on weekend. Spokes on MWF – using renee’s doc and wheel to facilitates

– Consensus on Proposal for meetings to be T & Th @  6 and Sat at 10

– Fix changed the info on NYCGA.NET


* Space:

– Josh described the space.

– Pilot program including a limited number of working groups – PR, info, organization, Internet, media, structure, facilitation, finance

– What about donating gear, equipment, etc

– Dave offered to reach out to Housing Works for furniture.

Thorin clarified that the space is a month by month and would not be ready until late next week.

– Renee asked about storing gear there and Fix described the current idea that there were be three primary activity times early AM, afternoon and PM

– Peter asked about after hours access and Josh explained that they would need to be vetted and check in with someone already on 12

– Updates will be given at next meeting


* Wheel

– Dave took lead on coordinating the month but only received responses from two folks. Andrew was one but he is not at meeting (left for personal reasons). Concerned that the wheel is broken…

– Dave restated how the wheel works

– Renee suggested we create a google list if they want to shoot, produce or edit and that it goes to that list… “crew call list” and she offered to create that document.


* Badges

Photo made badges

Tim Tim@timothyeastman.com will send group an email listing items they need to submit – name, photo, etc

This list of names will be reviewed at Sat meeting and badges will be produced by Tim by Tuesday meeting.


* YouTube channel w/ every GA

– Abe announced if anyone has copies of past GA’s please let me know.



– Email will be sent to the group inviting us to participate in a program on the channel.


* Outreach (tabled as unfortunately Andrew had to leave)

– Integration of community and volunteers

– Charter

– Content

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