Meeting Notes, Sunday, March 25(at Occupy Town Square, Ft. Greene Park, Brooklyn)

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Meeting Notes Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meeting took place in Ft Greene Park, Brooklyn, Occupy Town Square

Josh- facilitator

James- time keeper

Meir- stack
John, Annette, Meir, Danny, Josh, James, August, B, Ada, Amy, Sam, Sandra, Connie, Sunshine
Report back from today, Teach-in/SpeakOut on the Hospital Crisis in Brooklyn
Everyone agrees teach-in/speak out was a great success! Annette points out it was great the way so many people went into talking about Single Payer during speak out! Meir-suggests inviting people to come and participate in speak out is a good way to communicate with other groups. A good format today with short teach in with familiar folks speaking first, followed by invited speakers to speak out. Also important to remember to canvas new faces attending, as part of procedure. Possibly assign a person to do this is the future?Building towards a community meeting as next step? (add to agenda under future events) It was great that we were standing in a circle, very inclusive feeling. Mark- It was very heartening to see people deciding to speak on the spot. Discussion about the use of the people’s mic, need to use for both teach-in and speak out or maybe just speak out session? Mark points out is important for several reasons, maybe less intimidating for new speakers when everyone is using it. Also helps people to really listen and get the discussion, repetition is good too. Danny- Mark did a great job opening up the topic with his synopsis. Mark- bulleted version of full report is in process. James- google “Stephen Berger” and you get lots of great info. Everyone liked Alysa’s comment referring to- “Berg-lerizing” healthcare! Overall everyone is very happy about the way today’s Speak Out went.
Report back from Saturday, March 24th March Against Police Brutality
Jen- March was well attended by a large group of enthusiastic folks. Started from Zuccotti and marched to Union Square, following a circuitous route. There was definite sense of tension between protestors and police. There was some violence and arrests, including the arrest of a sixteen year old girl, whose arm was broken during her arrest and shirt was pulled up, exposing her to crowd. Also witnessed three cops body checking protestors who were standing on the edge of the sidewalk. Some protestors were talking at cops. B- points out since the main topic of march was the police, seems like a bad idea to get the police angry, and isn’t healthcare as a topic one of the things we can use to do outreach with cops. James did do some outreach with cops at the park using occucards. Discussion about the importance of keeping the bigger issues in mind. Not getting caught up in just trying to agitate the cops.
(Amy & Ada join meeting)
Report back from Outreach Subcommittee meeting, Tuesday, March 20
Danny- meeting focused on outreach materials, video project, logo and flipboarding. Video project is  about filming a mosaic of different people reading sections of the mission statement. Josh and Philip Swift(Katie’s husband) will be leading this.
Outreach materials- wanting to generate three things-1)tri-fold sheet(Annette and Josh working on this) 2)our own version of occucard, including our contact and meeting info. (James and Danny working on this and also on bcards) 3)Business cards
Goal is to have all three ready to go for any event and to do a large printing of 10,000 copies of each)Will go to occupress or other OWS friendly printers.Not sure about funding yet. Have to get numbers on actual cost.
Josh- Has created a basic template for event specific outreach, on which you can just plug in date, time location. Discussion about meeting location. Since things are a little bit in flux… idea that it’s maybe best to direct people to check our blog or nycga page and just make sure location is kept current there.
Amy Miller wants to give some info about Orientation, Project List and email out reach.
Talking about how to structure orientation for people new to occupy, looking for more people to participate. Meeting tomorrow at 7pm in Union Square.
Re: Featured project. This amounts to highlighting a working group. Looking for a simple statement, around three sentences to describe group. Asking if we would like to be that group. Needs the statement today, in the next couple of hours. Meir asks if there is a permanent table at Union Square now ?Tables have been appearing but some controversy over this. Amy says the main point is that people are showing up at Union Square. Some expressed feeling insecure about approaching table. Typical questions- “What is Occupy?””Why don’t you guys have any demands?”
Looking for people to help with orientation and participate at Union Square.
Discussion now retures to Outreach meeting and the project of generating a logo or maybe more then one?Logo(s) will be used for buttons, t-shirts, and other materials
(Sam arrives)
Danny- first thing to be dealt with is the issue of the use of the fist in the logo. Need to come to some consensus about this as a group.Amy-expressing her own torn feeling about the fist as a symbol. Thinks maybe it would be better to use a different option.Or maybe use both?
Because of the large printing goal, we must make a choice. Mark- points out the importance of universality of image due to the ubiquitous nature of a logo. More discussion. Sam- OWS is a resistance movement. Fist has been used far and wide on OWS materials. Bringing people in with the understanding that the fight for universal healthcare is a very confrontational project. Communicate this clearly that it’s a struggle, including bodily struggle.
Sandra(from outreach)- describes that there will be an occupy caravan traveling through the country later this year, will want to have materials from us to share as well. Advises to think of it as Show and Tell, boil it down. Make a list of the top ten issues, keep it humorous.
Decision for out reach to continue working on logo, solidify three or four and then present them to the listserv via a doodle poll. Include images and give people the option to “like” or “don’t like”.
B- likes the rod of Esclepeus, likes the reference to the Hipocratic Oath.
Danny- says will decide on three logos to present to listserv. Outreach subcommittee is planning to meet again in two weeks.

Reports back from other working groups
Occupy projects- Josh is point person. Says they’re going to have wider distribution. Possibly 2000-3000?
Occupy stories- we are now collecting stories, via the photo petition style project but even also from today’s speakout.Need to connect with occupystories.comWill come back to this topic at a larger meeting.
DA Spring Training-Try to attend. Tuesdays at 5pm, wherever OWS is. Check website for location.
Solidarity report back
ACT UP and OWS-April 25

Annette has been flyering everywhere. Mark- ACT UP has decided on a name for the action-


General plan for the days- start at City Hall Park, focus on implications of city budget on AIDS in the coming years and on the FTT. Federal Reserve Bank- one target. Large march will end as close as possible to the intersection of Broadway and Wall St, where first action took place 25 years ago. Many breakout groups working on action, including Legal support and New Media.They are aware they need to meet and talk to DA to talk about “how to do what we need to do”. Annette and Josh, attended DA meeting last week, did some flyering and let them know about the action. Annette and Mark possibly going to DA meeting this week Tuesday at 5pm. Mark points out that HC4the 99% can play an important role here as connector for Act UP and OWS. Occupy wants to see a build up of actions leading into May 1 and this fits in perfectly for that goal. The central ACT UP demand of the action is the FTT, then to be used in part for the treatment and prevention of AIDS. All ties into the larger worldwide movement for FTT. Meetings for planning April 25th action are every Monday at the LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St., everyone is welcome.
M28-Never Mind the Mandate, We Need Medicare for All

Healthcare NOW is planning speak out. Point of Wednesday action is in part to point out the fact that single payer, medicare for all was shut out of the discussion. Just voicing that. Focus, want to point out that the issue is the ACA is a distraction from the real battle. Because of the system we have, because of the corporate dominance we have in this country, we get the ACA. Does HC4the 99% want to have a presence at this action? Consensus is that yes, it would make sense for us to have a presence there.
(Connie and Sunshine join)
A1- Sunday, April 1 Action -begins at 2:30pm

marks the 6month anniversary of the 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge.

There will be 2 groups meeting and marching, one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan. Manhattan group will be marching from Liberty Park over the Brooklyn Bridge, meeting Brooklyn group in Cadman Plaza. Brooklyn march leaving from 1 Hanson Place. James and Danny point people for Brooklyn side. Josh point person for Manhattan side. There is a city wide General Assembly in Cadman Plaza at 4pm. Decision to move out meeting to Cadman Plaza, Sunday at 5pm. James has funny Statue of Liberty costume, possibly will also get a wheelchair and has I.V. pole… maybe wheel the statue of liberty over the bridge?? A work in progress!

Connie- announcing Rally and candle light vigil  at Interfaith Hospital

This week Thursday, March 29.

Rally will be throughout the day, vigil is at 7pm. Please come to 1545 Atlantic Ave(between Troy and ALbany Avenues). Put out on listserv. Hope to have some people from HC4 the 99% in attendance.
M1- May Day

As many people as possible need to get to May 1 organizing meetings. We will have a contingent. Question, do we want to also do something special, healthcare related? Possibly James Lady Liberty costume again? B- was at recent M1 meeting, says there was a lot of talk about undocumented workers and immigrant rights. Maybe plug into this. Rene is attending all May Day organizing meetings. Can contact her if you want to come along. Also Vermont Workers Center has used May Day itherein Healthcare is a Human Right campaign. Actions in solidarity with them.  Will revisit this at future(hopefully larger) HC4 the 99% meetings.
A19- Crain’s NY Power Breakfast, re:hospitals. Tickets are $300At Essex House. Should we organize something for this? Add to agenda for next week?
Outreach group is interested in adding Spanish to flyers, contact translation group?

Sandra announces Occupy University. 2 Ongoing courses in May. Would love to add information about Healthcare to that discussion. Contact her if we want to participate.

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