Meeting Notes, Sunday, January 29

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> Meeting Notes
> Sunday, January 29, 2012
> Sam- facilitator
> Reports Back
> Occupy Town Square, Speak Out in Washington Square
> Annette starts and describes, Doctors and others took a march around
> park and then gathered for Speak Out. Went well, people really
> participated. Some media coverage, WPIX, WBAI, the Nation.
> Discussion about possible use of mission statement at future Speak
> Outs. Possibility of linking future Speak Outs with upcoming OWS
> events, believe Occupy Town Square may be ongoing.
> Discussion about the importance of having flyers available for future
> events.
> Outreach needs clipboards and sign in sheets to collect emails.
> Possibility of Speak Outs that we run ourselves being connected to
> hospital closings in Brooklyn.
> Obama fundraiser-
> Annette was there. Some specific groups re: NDAA and drone attacks.
> Streets were blocked but eventually people crossed street and held
> speak out. Was powerful. People talking about recent arrests and
> education/schools. Issue of racial tension brought up, did Annette see
> this? Say speak out participants were mainly from African community
> but can see how it might have been spun that way. Sam there too with
> PNHP, felt there was some tension but would be easy to sensationalize.
> Woman from community Board 8 (in Brooklyn, Prospect Heights)
> speaking…
> Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation
> Re: upcoming reform, all seniors being forced to be covered by managed
> care of some kind.
> She is wondering if it would be possible for HCfor99% to attend
> community board meetings? As a way of reaching into the community.
> Josh- says Healthcare NOW is currently organizing around a resolution
> in support of single payer. PNHP & Metro NY also are working on
> managed care issues.
> She says, trying to support getting a dialogue going. Wants to create
> an answer to last presentationa bout managed care in general.
> Managed care will recruit those who are least sick and not cover those
> who are most in need of care. Senior and disability communities
> working together.
> Sam asks for people who are specifically interested in this issue.
> Connie says she will set up meeting with Community Board 8.
> Upcoming events
> Discussion about generating a larger Spring Event. Trying to
> coordinate with May Day.
> Task forces for reaching out to other working groups.
> Possibility of organizing something for Tax Day or St. Patrick’s day.
> Steve mentions this could coordinate with the large “Left Forum” who
> are a planning to end their events with a march to Zuccotti.
> Healthcare As A Human Right, May 1.
> Day before May Day and the second anniversary  of the closing of St.
> Vincent ‘s.
> St. Vincent’s Community Assembly
> Tuesday, January 31
> Meir breaks down the event.
> Trying to mobilize the community about the hospital being turned into
> luxury condos. Trying to re-energize the community, also in
> relationtion to hospital closures throughout the city.
> And also to broaden the the vision to include the single payer issue
> in general.
> Will open with Katie, Yetta Kurland, and either Nurse Aileen or Dr.
> Kirkman(sp?)
> Daniel from facilitation gave a great teach-in.
> Will use 45 mins to break into small discussion groups. Have
> brainstorming sessions. Then will report back ideas. Will try to
> discuss and get a sense of support for various ideas.
> Will also be gathering email info.
> The idea of this even being a model for future events.
> Louis reports that Susana and Angela have been flyer-ing and Yetta put
> it out on her vy large list serve. Word is getting out. Yetta also
> mentioned event in an interview with “The Villager”.
> James has been in touch with GLAMA and they are also listing in their
> newsletter.
> Danny proposes a march to St. Vincent’s after the meeting. Post ideas
> raised on blue construction boards in front?
> Conference call tomorrow night. For anyone who can come and
> facilitate.
> Meir will send out information.
> Flipbaords
> Jen will put together list of slogans. Will narrow them down a bit and
> then look for consensus.
> Next step is just to decide.
> Info Graphics
> Danny- says OWS wants to create a series of visual images to show
> stats, especially related to economic inequality and healthcare.
> Social determinates of health.
> They are trying to generate a bank of images for anyone to access.
> Steve says he has a large collection. Will send out.
> Financial Transaction Tax
> Josh working with mike Tecilly(sp?). OWS Queering group.
> NNU also talking about this.
> Trying to create a teach-in. Also trying to get OWS to pick it up as a
> demand.
> Josh reads statement about Financial Transaction Tax that they’ve been
> working on and intend to present.
> Nadine says Disability Caucus is very interested In supporting this.
> Their next meeting is next Friday at 5:30PM.
> Gentleman points out that when the FTT was let go, speculation became
> much more widespread.
> General temperature check appears there is wide support of statement.
> Beth brings up some concerns that is doesn’t represent everything. And
> that OWS is very resistant to ultimatums.
> GMK speaking from Picturing the Homeless. Says this is a big issue for
> the homeless. They feel the importance of demands. That you must bring
> up what you need and want.
> Hands around a list of questions for all people. Wants to get these
> out to a larger audience.
> Ideas for Future Actions
> Community Board 8
> Call for volunteers. Steve, Josh, Connie, GMK
> Future speak outs.
> Action in the Spring, St Pat’s Day.
> April 1, April Fool’s Day, Medicaid Redesign Team
> Discussion about the recommended closure of Downstate Psychiatric
> Ward.
> Kingsborough Psychiatric State Unit also in danger of closure. Issue
> of people really needing care, inpatient vs. out patient.
> Connie talking about Court Monitoring Project.
> Nadine- says we can’t keep people locked up just because we don’t have
> a place for them.
> GMK- talking about a past even that counted the number of vacant homes
> shows there is enough housing, people just aren’t given access to it.
> Importance of housing. Use of psychiatric shelters. Belview and others
> forcing people to undergo treatments in order to qualify for an
> apartment. Connie discussing the use and mis-use of psychiatric
> facilities.
> Announcements
> Josh- Healthcare NOW, volunteer meeting Feb 8
> 220 Fifth Ave, 5th fl.
> Also Feb 7, Mini Lobby Day in Albany
> Annette- presentation at the Tiwanese Consulate about their universal
> healthcare program, which is a mix of public and private sources.
> 1 East 42nd St., 10th floor, 6PM
> Wednesday, Feb 1, Katie and Nadine going to court.
> 100 Center St., 9 AM
> At end of meeting, Beth Oran giving talk of the pharmacuetical
> industry.

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