Meeting Notes, Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Meeting Notes, Sunday, April 22, 2012
Danny, Diane, Annette- Facilitating, Isabel, Katie- Time keeper, Ruby, Morgan- Stack, b., Josh, Jen, Barbara, Sandy, Ken, Susie
Reports Back
Spring Awakening, Central Park, April 14
Josh points out that since RNC supposedly no more then 20 people can assemble without a permit, yet this day very few cops and no real problems.Large group GA met and introduced a group of facilitators organized by topic. Healthcare group was so large it divided into two groups of about 15-20 each. A call to action. People sharing stories and thoughts about healthcare.All group leaders and some others reconvened to give report backs. Our healthcare speakout got reported on in a couple of places, although Jen was mis-quoted.One thing to keep in mind… changing meeting to unknown setting where we have no control over the day makes it hard if not impossible to be firm about meeting time. Something to keep in mind for future events.Katie- spent a lot of time monitoring HC99 blanket, felt it was great outreach.Met a couple who both work at Wyckoff Hospital who were very excited and happy to hear about our activity/understanding around Brooklyn hospital crisis. Seemed like they would like to get involved.Photo petition project didn’t work so great with blanket. Better with a table.Annette- points out flip boards worked well for drawing attention when done right before speak out. Got off to a bit of a rocky start but speakout did go well. We weren’t all that prepared but were able to cobble together parts and pieces from past speakout. Thinking it might be smart to have something prepared that can be used in situation where there isn’t much warning.Diane- was very impressed and felt that all did a great job.(Ruby had to go)(Barbara arrived)There was a homeless woman who started speaking at speakout on people’s mic. Became awkward. She told story of how she had fallen asleep on shorted out? electrical cord while watching OWS live feed and burned her stomach. Then began exposing herself to the crowd. Was very awkward, no one was certain how to keep from going on.  Not wanting to silence her but feeling like speakout was going off the rails. Important to think about ways to deal with this type of situation. People’s mic did withdraw a bit and that eventually left room to shift gears.Important to announce at the beginning of the speakout that folks need to keep their comment to  2-3 minutes so that all have a chance to speak
A19- People’s Power Breakfast II- Billionaires for Wealthcare Attend Crain’s Breakfast8AM, Essex House
Diane- Was a great success! There were about 10 of us outside dressed as Billionaires. Was covered by Crain’s, photographer took a lot of photos. There to point out that they were meeting to plan new ways to create profits.Katie- People worked together well to bring it together.Essex house used their velvet ropes to pen us in! Perfect! Two cops watching who seemed to be entertained and laughing the entire time.All agree would definitely be fun to do again, one more thing in our “tool box”.Josh points out that we were also able to get some video up on You Tube pretty quickly after having done Louis’s Social Media teach in.Would be good to follow up on finding actual coverage(if it’s available) of what they talked about inside. Diane says she can do this.
Future Events
ACT UP 25, 11AM, April 25
In solidarity with ACT UPDemand is for FST(Financial Speculation Tax)To fund domestic and international healthcare and the treatment and eventual eradication of AIDS. Rally begins at City Hall Park, west side, Murray and Broadway at 11AMPlease come at 10:30 if you’d like to help set up.
We are all missing Mark Hannay so much and wishing him a speedy recovery!!!
Isabel- points out that is also 1T Day, protesting student debt in the US passing the one trillion dollar mark. Meeting in Union Square at 4pm, hoping people with go from one rally to the next…!(Ken and Susie arrive)
If you want to be a marshall come at 10:30AM for training.Pre-action meeting is tomorrow night, Monday, at the LGBT Center, 208 W 13th St.Annette- May be speaking at rally, give her input if you have points for her to hit. Bring flip-boards? If we have enough dedicated folks to carry boards individually.Jen will create a thread.
May Day, M1- call for General Strike
Talking about St. Vincent’s Action-Diane is very excited about this opportunity. Example of the 1% making deals behind closed doors, and then destroying an historic hospital, 160 years old! allowing billionaire Rudin in order to put in luxury condos.Really wants to see an action that will draw media attention.Diane is asking that someone make a direct connection with Yetta Kurland to see if we can get her to send word of action out on her list.
What followed was a large discussion with a lot of brainstorming, here are highlights-
After brainstorming we had this list of ideas:
Encircling St.Vincent’s- downside, requires a pretty large crowd(200 people?)Die-in with chalk outlines- upside, can be done effectively with any number of folksMoving picket line- upside, fits with “99 pcikets” OWS theme, doesn’t need a lg. crowdTomb stones- Downside, Requires large poster party and a lot of materialsBlock traffic- Downside, possibility of arrestSpeak-out- Upside, works with any number of people, we have experienceHistory of Response of St Vincent’s- Downside(same as tombstones)Billionaires- Downside- needs be a small component of larger action, too specialized
At end of temperature check, favorites were
Moving picket lineDie-in with chalk outlinesSpeak-out
If we do Picket line, there’s a need for cardboard poles. Want to have a bunch of uniform signs ready to go.
Time?Came to consesus that 3-5PM as picket window is good.
Would be great if we could gather people from both Bryant Pk. and Union Squ?Requires two contingents to gather folks.
Annette will send out message to Yetta.
Outreach Subcommittee- Josh will send out flier for approval.
Also need to organize Poster Party for M1- Josh(And Jen)Where? When? Josh will start thread.
Saturday, April 28Three events
Brooklyn Peace FairThe 8th Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair will be held at the Brooklyn College Student Center on Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 11 am to 5 pm.
Bronx – Make Health Equality A RealityCome to our second annual community town hall meeting on Saturday, April 28th from 10 am to 1 pm at P.S. 33 (2424 Jerome Ave.) in the Bronx.
OWS Occupy Town SquareOn Saturday, April 28th join us first at 12pm in Bryant Park, where we will parade through mid- town to get word out about the General Strike. Then from 2pm in Union Sq we will prepare for the big day with many trainings, teach-ins and skill shares.
April 29th, PNHP Speaker’s and Lobby Training11AM-4PMCUNY’s Murphy Institute25 W 43 St, 18th Fl.register at
May 1 Healthcare NOW NY Launches Petition drive- 100x100Please go to×100 to sign up to volunteer
After May 1-Keep in mindAnnette was at DA meeting opportunity to be proactive as opposed to reactive-Lots of interest in the Brooklyn Hospital crisis, DA connection could lead to some strong solidarity actions and building numbers around crisis. Also need to reach out to hospital employees
Danny points out that once we get past May 1 it would be good to sit down and reorganize around our larger goals. General agreement about this.
Great meeting! Thanks everyone!

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