meeting notes october 18, 2012

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Akari, Matt, Adam, Daphne, Paul, Michael, Goldi, friend of Michael’s who
plays music (I didn’t catch his name)


—report backs: spectra action, rainy but good; (R)occupy from September
26th  at the Parkside Lounge, which went well-the venue owners are pro
occupy and we should consider working with them; occupy halloween, police
problems with march and possible solutions

New proposals:

Movement music library: Polar’s email on the topic, to read and will
discuss when Polar next attends meeting

Parody album: Goldi to write proposal, but basically record parody versions
of top hits of 2012 and release for free. Q: what is copyright situ for

Music spokes: also Goldi to write. Basic idea is to gather all groups
working with sound, music, performance together for open sharing.

Existing proposals

Active membership question: discussed reasons for needing change to
listserv, consensed on changing from second list/active membership model to
creating a community agreement for online communication on current list and
to formalize process for consensus (I.e. online v co-present models).
Additional request made to also make formal the role and responsibilities
of online moderation of listserv post community agreement consensus. Goldi
has agreed to facilitate these two drafts for next week.

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