Meeting Notes March 11, 2012

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Healthcare for the 99% Meeting

March 11, 2012


Facilitator: Jen


Intros: Mark Hannay, Meir, Katie, Heloise, Alec PNHP, Barbara, Beth, Alvin, Steve,


I. Report Backs


Update from DA – Katie  – Discussion on F29 at DA meeting to clarify the miscommunication we had. DA recommended staying in close communication with everyone planning the action, which holds separate meetings from the regularly scheduled DA meetings.


DA will be hosting “Regular Friday Marches” that start at Liberty Sq at 2pm every Friday with different themes. They will end at 60 Wall St for a potluck.


II. Report Backs from Past Action –


Tuesday – public hearing at 250 Bway – Steve – Tues – City Council hearing on rezoning for former St V site to become luxury condos was held Tuesday am.  Ror whatever reason it was moved to a smaller hearing room at 250 Bway and large line of folks waiting to get in. First folks in line were hired by Rudin to represent those interests on the basis of creating jobs.  A large number of folks organized by St Vincent’s groups were there to testify. Some did testify. Many left after waiting for hours in the cold. One man fainted and it took 35 minutes for ambulance to come.


Sat Press Conference organize by St V activitists – Norman Siegel, Dr. Steve, Tom Allon, and powerful testimony from community about delayed care.  Press was there.


Discussion on labor union and activist dynamics  in the community.


Mark Hannay – got a call from a guy who was active with Occupy and the Labor Union. He said that the Occupy presence there supporting that if conversion happens, that it be a union job, and the other occupy presence that was there demanding adequate healthcare services.


Try to figure out whatever future actions come up, try and engage in some dialog about the union role and potential tension that may involve doing work with union and the community.


Eli Kent rep for Local 73 was there and said to James– “hopefully we can do something together in the future.”


We should try to be mindful in future actions to connect with this labor/community  issue to increase solidarity.


III. Upcoming Actions


M12 – COOLS Action at Liberty Square – Meet at Liberty Square at 11:30am. Action will start  at 12. Gather at noon with flip board and Photo Petitions. Josh has the white board. Sam will bring flip boards. Photo Petition – Katie will bring permission slips. Josh is bringing white board. Jen bringing flyers. Weather will be good. Should be fun!


M17 – 6 month anniversary of occupation at ZPark. 2 actions planned. Something that may start at Z Park and go down to Irish Potato Famine memorial. Also Postal Workers doing demo at main post office 33st and 8th ave in honor of big strike in 80s and to call attention to the attack on the postal service.  At last meeting, Annette volunteered to spearhead the HC99% presence at the Postal Service Rally.


Sam – some plans for some kind of re-occupation to occur that day. It is also the Left Forum which will pull a lot of people from HC99%. Suggested to have follow up conversation online about other ideas for the rally: should we have the photo petition there? Other ideas?


Left Forum – for all panel info. There is a two part panel featuring single-payer advocates and also the Healthcare for the 99% and Doctors for the 99% folks. Get there early because Pace has a confusing layout.


Saturday, March 17th
12:00pm – 1:50pm – Single Payer and Health Care for the 99%: Where is the Health-Care Justice Movement Going? (Part 1) Room W612
More info here

3:00pm – 4:50pm – Single Payer and Health Care for the 99%: Where is the Health-Care Justice Movement Going? (Part 2)
Room W612
More info here

Sunday, March 18th
12:00pm – 1:50pm – St Vincent’s meets Occupy Wall Street; Is Health Care the Next Predatory Financial Opportunity for the 1 Percent?
Room W612
More info here.

For more info on the Left Forum Healthcare Track of Panels, click here.


Photo Petition? If it’s a nice day – it’s possible to do it outside.  Sam will follow up on PNHP table. Is it happening. Can HC99% be there with photo petition?


M25 Occupy Town Square – OTS is a project of OWS to do pop-up occupations around the city. Last one was in Tompkins Sq Park. Next one is M25 in Fort Green Park 11 – 7pm. Last time we did a table, we did a mini-teach-in on hospital crisis in NYC, and held weekly meeting at the park.  James adds on that one of our foci will plight of the Brooklyn hospitals. Went to Brennan’s townhall today – Samspon, Parker, PUP, UUP, maybe about 200 – 250 ppl were there, Pres of Downstate was there. Let people know we’d be there on the 25th and invited some speakers. Some loud ppl were pretty upset. One that has been a nurse at Downstate. Also been going to the community board mtgs. At 2, 3 and 8, and spoke to 14 today. CB in Bushwick and Flatbush and Bedstuy are very upset about losing hospitals and all for agitation. The folks at Bklyn hospital were not on topic of hospital closings. For public comment, I wanted to know how CB felt about hospital mergers and they were clueless about it. Spoke for 15 mins. Q&a for a bit. And asked to come back and get on the schedule. They said sure. I’d like to bring some friends. They said sure. “…as it turns out Dr. Becker already spoke about this matter in Feb and so we aren’t putting you on the schedule, but feel free to come as a member of the public.”  : (


Berger report – proposal was to merge Bkln, Interfaith and Wycoff into one network. And other network Kingsbrook and Brookdale and close Kingsboro State Psych and move those services to Staten Island. The other proposal was to move in patient at Downsate and move them to Long Island Hospital in Cobble Hill (totally diff section of BK). There is a pool of $ in state budget for these mergers and clsoings. It doesn’t look like things will happen right away, besides the mergers, and Wycoff is really balking at the process. The community is not aware if at all of what is going on. Except maybe some leadership. There are some state legislators involved. Sampson and Parker.


HC99% can go out and inform the community. Empower them to get engaged. Similar to what we did with St V, we convened a meeting to try to get dialog and interaction amongst various groupings. And the other thing is that the unions that represent workers at Kingsboro and Downstate, PEP and UUP, concerned about jobs and patient services.


One confirmation and one that said maybe from today’s meeting to speak at teach-in and left it open – so


Reach out to the Black Institute.  Need contacts there. Unsuccessful so far. Make the Road responded really positively.


5 key speakers today. Next to hospital, the next most used word was Wall Street. HC99% received cheers.


Alyssa – from NYLPI can be part of M25 planning. Folks advise that we include a speak out component to the 30 minute teach-in.


Meir suggests Avoid people’s mic during teach-in if we can. Some people don’t need it, and it slows down the process.


James – CB 2 Bklyn hospital community board – should I go back and voice these concerns and possibly be adversarial or should we leave it alone. They see it as ½ bill coming in, and so the admin seems to be looking at it favorably.  Many say YES.


Meir – Suggests we include folks who are really part of the Bklyn community. Put all these ideas together and talk to Alyssa as well. Students from Bushwick HS? Contact the teacher or student? Meir has those contacts. Also CB 4, Wed 21st at 6pm, can go there as well.


Suggest we create a half page outreach flyer to use in community.


Mark will tweak last flyer. And will follow up with OTS about a table.


James – CB 3 and 8 are writing a join letter. Kingsboro is slated to close on April 14th.


Email loop on planning – Mark, Beth, James, Meir, Jennifer, Katie.


May Day – website coming together. Endorsement form. Circulate. Sign your organization on! HC99% can use our network to get groups on board.


Important dates – Monday April 9th planning meeting at 1199 (310 W 43rd St).  Saturday Spoke Council Meetings (have been at Judson Church, but jump around a lot). Final May Day planning on April 23rd.


Mark – proposes a contingent in the big march at the end of the day. HCN NYC can inform folks of plans and plug into. We may want to do sthg that raises a major issue from HC99%. A week before will be the ACTUP Anniversary action focusing on FTT. If we could take that message into the May 1st action. Might be another chance to raise that up.


Mutual Aid – Sam – group of folks that want to set up in an ongoing way spaces and skill sharing – advice from a doc or nurse –set up non-coercive, non-capitalist spaces for bartering for things and services. Medical Support working group – will be present at all the actions that day.


Brainstorming – perhaps start at St Vincent’s for an action that would feed into Union Square. Will be a 10 min walk from one space to the other. Not just about St Vincent’s but about larger hospital crisis and equitable distribution of healthcare resources throughout the city.  Other locations near union square…all the hospitals clustered on 1st Ave. Another place to bring our message? Maybe to take it in a new direction. We have to keep pushing the borders open – so that we don’t let it be just single issue. “Bed Pan Alley” runs from Beth Israel to Metropolitan. Could start at NYU medical center. Mini-march through there – down 1st Ave and over to 14th St. Why are all these hospital beds here? Carry beds!!!  Gurneys to be symbolic. Steven Berger lives on East Side 83rd and Park Ave. Maybe something in the future up there. NYU is one of the most well-resourced academic med center and lowest rate of treating uninsured – sending them to Bellvue. CSS has a lot of good info on that.  NYU grabs charity care and dumps patients on other hosptials. 14th – 34th is a reasonable chunk for a manageable march route. Could time it so that we join St Vincent’s and see if they can join up with it.  Starts at NYU around 3pm – and gives time to Union Square by 4:30 or 5 stopping at each place.


ACT UP Update  – Group decided to move action to 4/25.  Focusing on FTT – End AIDS and Healthcare for All – ACT UP AND OCCUPY is the theme for the day. Meetings every Monday at 7pm at LGBT Center.


Stories Project – Occupy Stories – People’s Stories Project – Lvoe to collaborate – plan an event together – Audio, writing and video. Will add to links page. Email them and see where it goes.


NOW DC  – Talk to Katie if you want to go to DC for workshop likely first week of April for HC99% –


Next week facilitator – James!


Sam will look into getting a meeting room at Pace for Sunday 4pm HC99% meeting.









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