Meeting Notes Jan 8 2013

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Jennifer, Lula, Beth, Katie, Josh, Annette, Holly, Anthony


Occupy Sandy Relief Efforts – 5 minutes

People’s Medical Relief – grant to do relief work for Occupy Sandy. Have project/site coordinators at several locations (churches, trailers, ems truck). Help to build ongoing infrastructure for re-building. Worked with NYSNA and others – New Campaign called BUILD BACK BETTER. Need to have a better health infrastructure, not just re-open hospitals because the crisis reveals existing inequalities in the system. Public health, air quality, water supply, mold issues. Seems like re-opening hospitals issue one that HC99% has looked at.


Katie points out community-driven actions.


Laurie points out that Coney Island (NYSNA folks very involved there) might be the most important hospital as opposed to NYU which has a lot of resources, wall st ties, etc.


Annette – brings up Cuom and anti-fracking efforts. And vulnerability of infrastructure might be important to bring up.


Beth – Bellvue still struggling. Mental Health patients can’t get admitted anymore. Just came from demo in Jackson Heights about the Indian man pushed into the subway.  Also the VA hospital not open and rumors may not re-open at all.


Robert points out that NYU doesn’t take fair share of ER patients.


Josh – report on Sandy Recovery


Laurie – press conf today by equitable recovery coalition – lots of unions involved, VOCAL, Community Voices Heard. Most federal aid seems to go through FEMA, if we do anything at Coney Island it would be to build a base but NYSNA has a lot of members, but Bloomberg, Cuomo are the targets.


Discussion on specific actions…


Annette – work on implementation of ACA through ACT UP. Thinks our strength is in the specific expertise and being able to digest info and then communicate it.  Bring our point of view to other people/issues around us…Speak outs help us to get voices heard. Contacts at hospitals. Public shaming. Mocking. All of these things are our strengths. And might help target Cuomo and Bberg. –



Layoffs coming in a week or so. CEO stated that layoffs with non-union than union people. No idea how many jobs.


Holly in the neighborhood. Will help with outreach. Should talk to OccuEvolve. Anthony will keep us posted on what happens next.


StrikeDebt/Medical Debt/ Hospital Debt:

Read comments from Louis.


Discussion on hospital debt and all-payer with Robert Padgug.


Annette tied in to this an issue of medical apartheid. Rich hospitals richer, poor hospitals poorer.


Robert, Annette, and Louis will further this discussion to see if it can go somewhere.


Annette continues to discussion on Obamacare teach-in with ACT UP and how the reimbursement piece fits in to this.


Katie will send notes on Mass public funds.


Annette will keep us posted on teach-in date, etc.


Josh – Strike Debt updating the Debt Resistors Manual. Need help with that if possible. About to announce the next medical debt buy. Maybe direct actions around this time for the Rolling Jubilee. They meet every Sunday at 1pm. Katie, Robert, Jen, Annette, Beth volunteered if it works out.


Mental Health – Holly


Icarus Project peer counseling group. Mental health advocacy group as a project of that. In light of Newtown, buzz about challenges of accessing mental health care. Also, related to Obamacare, they are changing DSM codes this year, and I think it is because they want to cover less of people’s care.


RobinHood Tax

Josh – update on RHT. They have a bill put forward by Ellison. It will be updated and reintroduced this year. Anything we do with RHT will get circulated through their social media with the RH Campaign.


NY SP Bill – Laurie Wen

Perkins will carry bill in Senate. We’ve doubled Senate co-sponsors to 14 in a couple of years. Lobby day is May 21st in Albany. Maybe we will have a mini-lobby day in Feb/Mar. Also, working to organize a week of in-district meetings as well.


USSF – Katie Meeting in Nola in March 8-10. Anyone interested in making sure HC99% is represented? Contact Katie!





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