Meeting notes for Fem Media (fka Wow Media) 2/7/12

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Feminist Media Collective meeting, Tuesday, 2/7/2012, scheduled for 7:30 p.m., actually happened at 9 p.m.

In attendance
Kathleen, Simran, Mel G., Amelia

– 60 Wall. Consensus to continue to hold meetings here henceforth.
– GA happens at 7 p.m., also at 60 Wall. Sometimes very important agenda items at GA, so group acknowledged fact that sometimes, some of us might feel strongly inclined to be at GA, rather than at meeting. Facts of OWS life. This happened before the meeting. Since confirmed meeting attendees were all at GA, we were all ok meeting after important GA agenda item was discussed.

Many existential questions raised.

Group Name
– Currently [Feminist Media Collective] in full. [FeMedia] for short.
– Do we want to have “OWS” in the name? Also for Google group, Twitter, Facebook page name? Discussion to continue on listserv.

Relationship to WOW
– The group was born within WOW, and was initially named WOW Media. Is this an independent group? Several of us thought it should be. The name “WOW” might carry some negative connotation. We all agreed we shouldn’t cower to those fears, but independence would allow us more room for autonomy and growth as a group.
– The group would welcome gender non-conforming and male-indentified and/or -assigned people – people who wouldn’t necessarily be in WOW. The Feminist Media Collective being a separate entity from WOW would open up gates for more members.
– We agreed to include a clause in forthcoming mission statement reserving us the right to call members out if they are displaying misogynistic, sexist behavior.

Group existentialism
– Discussed being a working group or an affinity group. A working group would have access to OWS funds, but would have to bring proposals to Spokes Council, which can be an arduous process with potential circumstantial complications (i.e. spending freeze.)
– We can just do our own fundraising. Find out if working groups are empowered to raise and use own funds, the way affinity groups are. Amelia finding out.
– We need a mission statement. Mel G. composing first rough draft. Once we have a mission statement, we can do more concrete outreach and promotion.

– We have a logo! Let’s get started on Twitter and Facebook. Simran creating accounts.
– Discussed kinds of media we want to take on. Result: Everything! Literary media, propaganda videos, livestreaming.
– Literary propaganda: Simran offered to do writing for the group.
– Livestreaming: Dwayne the livestreamer offered to train interested people in livestreaming. Amelia doesn’t think training is necessary, will also try reaching out to Elizabeth, seasoned livestreamer, (livestream channel, Occupello) to see if she would be ok with FeMedia forwarding livestream attention to her channel.
– Video projects: Kathleen has an idea for a self-defense training video. A cool video able to be disseminated to the multitudes. Compilation video of various female-assigned and/or -identified individuals demonstrating 1 move they learned from training. Simran’s partner teaches self-defense! He can just teach us.

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