Meeting Notes, February 26, 2012

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Meeting NotesSunday, February 26, 2012

Meeting took place in Tompkins Square Park

Josh- Facilitator

Annette- Time keeper

Sam- Stack
Reports back from past events-
PNHP forum on Feb 21, Medical Apartheid in NYCWell attended, around 150 people Mark- Discussion about unequal care brought to attention by Bronx Health REACH coalition and NY Lawyers for the Public Interest filed a civil rights complaint in NY State Named three hospitals in complaint:Montefiore Medical Center, Mt Sinai and NY Presbyterian. Danny- expressing interest in going to the Bronx to meet with Health REACH members. Josh- suggests teach in on Medical Apartheid. Discussion about ways in which care is unequal, Faculty vs. Residents
Upcoming Events-
February 27Teach in on FTT and how it would benefit single payerACT UP and NY Helath Gapat LGBT Center 6:30pm, will be live-streamed
F29Occupy the Corporations-

Meet at 42nd and 1st Ave, Robert Moses Park 9:30-10am

Around 10:15am march to Pfizer

10:20-10:30 “Awards Ceremony”Presenting faux awards of excellence, possible Billionaires for Wealthcare to participate?

Speakers- Mark discussing ALEC and Pfizer, Steve- discussing how single payer will bring down big Pharma. Looking for patient storries, over perscription drug cost and coverage

Danny- brings up billion dollar lawsuit against Pfizer, were found guilty of advertising fraud, paid fines and never skipped a beat. Steve- adds fact that they got TARP money. Annette-  discussing illegal advertising directly to consumers, continued deregulation through Reagan and Clinton, Marketing is 25-30% of cost, funded by us. Medical education funded by pharma, only pay for programs that push their drugs
Steve- will post a list of paints as a google doc that people can add to

Mark- breaks it down- Get there, do awards, speakers, legal picket, likely to be put in a pen. Possibility of using subversive slogans around posters at Pfizer


End around 10:45 and join the main action continuing on to Bank of America at 42nd and 6th Ave. Discussion about slogans.
Josh will put together a sign making committee. Sign making at PNHP office, Tuesday, 6pm
Steve will prepare a leaflet. Which is more powerful, general or specific grievances?
Beth- feels general grievances maybe better, easier to use in the ALEC connectionLaurie- agrees, stay on message and remember handout is going to the general public
Josh, Jennifer, Lee- signs Tuesday night

Press- Katie
Mark- Letting everyone know that March 24th is the 25th Anniversary for ACT UP. Can we work together, join forces with them for march? Possibly include Zuccotti and St Vincents? Maybe two part action? Discussion about relationship between ACT UP and Occupy
Annette recommends Gran Fury exhibit at NYU- very powerful and relevant
Mark- Also March 23 is 2nd Anniversary of ACA signing. Discussion about AIDS Memorial vs Hospital in Rudin case. Upcoming  COOLS date is 25th, can we move to 24th if needed? Or in some way bring Anniversary into our action… General agreement that we will be happy to participate in Solidarity with ACT UP in what actions maybe be planned around the 24th. Will see what they plan, play it by ear for now
Danny will be leading COOLS action on the 12th of March. Some early thoughts, possibly a teach in on the ACA- why and how it’s limited or possibly teach-in on racial discrimination and medical apartheid. Still in progress

Laurie volunteers to facilitate next weeks meeting

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